How Safe is travelling by Train during Pregnancy?


Travelling during pregnancy is best avoided, due to various inconveniences an expecting mother might face during the long hours of journey. However, life isn’t always perfect. In today’s fast paced life, it seems there is no scope for the expecting mother to avoid travels. We get a good indicator of this, through the repeated questions we receive about travelling in train during pregnancy. So, we have decided to answer some of the questions put forward by loyal RailYatris.

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How safe is travelling in train during pregnancy?

Train travel is the safest form of transportation for any pregnant woman. In road trips there are bumps, sudden curves and chances of sudden forward thrust (when the brakes are applied). Few airlines allow pregnant women to fly (due to health hazards) during certain stages of pregnancy. So, trains with their gentle rocking motion are best, both for the mother and the child within. However, it is mandatory to consult your physician before embarking on the journey.

Which Class should I opt for?

Train travel during pregnancy

During the later stages of pregnancy (after 6 months), jerking or sudden movements are not good for the health of the mother and the foetus. Also, the mother will need ample open space to make her feel comfortable. This is why AC 3 or 2 Tier coaches are the perfect class options for such a journey. This is why, when travelling with a pregnant women planning well ahead of the journey date is essential. Make sure you book only the lower berth seats, so that the expecting mother does not have to climb.




What precautions should I take during the journey?

Lifting heavy luggage is a typical hassle of a journey during pregnancy. So, an expecting mother should refrain from personally carrying any type of luggage. Make sure that you arrive at the station with enough time in hand to avoid the last minute rush. The mother needs to take every step carefully, which is especially important at crowded platforms. Also, make sure that the mother avoids bending over. Bending puts pressure on the abdomen which is not good for the baby.




What food should I eat during the journey?


Maintaining a strict diet is essential for a pleasant journey. Do not eat food from the station-side stalls or hawkers however appealing it might appear. Always book meals from a reputed service provider and ask for non-spicy, homemade food. If at all you feel hungry, just have some fruits (but make sure these are not pre-cut). Carry and buy packaged water bottles to keep yourself well hydrated.




Why can’t I travel alone during pregnancy?

Later stages of pregnancy are a very tricky time with many health issues crop up all of a sudden. At such a time you will always need a companion. From lifting the luggage to leading you to the washrooms, you will have to rely on a companion constantly. Your responsibility on such a trip is to take adequate rest and make sure that no actions of yours are affecting the foetus adversely.

Other Tips


  • The mother should be seated in a comfortable posture.
  • When you are travelling long distances, do not spend too much time sitting in the same posture. Do lie down whenever possible.
  • Take a stroll from time to time within the train compartment. This will improve blood circulation.
  • Always carry essential and prescribed medications. Keep them in a bag that is readily accessible.

Take it easy, really easy

When you are travelling, leave aside all the tensions. Sit back and enjoy your first journey with the baby. Listen to some soothing music and rest. Maybe you can carry a stock of chocolates or snacks of your choice to munch along the journey.
At RailYatri, we want to ensure you and your little one remains in fine health always. Bon Voyage!


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  1. sir i am served in Indian army will travel to jammu to Chennai in train my wife is 8 months pregnancy. will asking in this travel is possible . pl answer

    • Hello Mr. Nagraj, travelling during such late pregnancy days is never advisable, especially such a long journey. There are many problems that may be faced during the travel. But, if you talk about other options (such as flights and road trips) then train is the safest.

      • Hi
        Actuly my 6 month is running & i am staying ni noida ncr bt on weekend i usualy go to my home town which 4 hr by train journey n 15 min for bike …. Can 4 hr journey is safe during 6 month running condition pls suggest me … M worried abt it..thanks

    • Sir i am serving in Indian army and will travel from Kolkata to visakhapatnam in train. My wife is 8 month’s pregnancy. Is this travel possble? Please answer.

      • Hello Mr. Vitala,

        Well, you need to get a certificate from the Gynecologist you are consulting. If the doctor deems it safe then go ahead with the travel. Even if you are allowed to travel, make sure that your wife gets the Lower Berth seat and that you carry minimum luggage along. Do not let her handle any luggage. Make sure that she is relaxed and well hydrated through the journey.

    • Hello sir,
      My wife is 6th weeks pregnant, she wishes to travel to Bangaluru from Visakapatnam, its 24 hrs journey by Train, is it ok to travel during this time?.

    • Hello Abbas,

      As you conveyed your wife is in her last stages of pregnancy. Journeying during this stage is not advisable. However, if you at at all have to travel make sure seats are reserved in 2 AC.

  2. Sir/madam, I am 7 months pregnant, and right now I am traveling by Secunderabad bekaner express, it is 41 hours journey. Sir, i booked my ticket in ac2 as per the doctors suggestion. But I am finding its very difficult to travel because the running status of this train is very rough. The coach is badly shaking like vibration, which is not safe for me. Please convey my this message to the driver of this train. I will be thankful to your service.

    • Hello Madam,

      We regret the inconvenience you are facing. But we are not a part of Indian railways and thus we cannot instruct any locomotive driver. RailYatri is an independent body dealing with problems faced by passengers every day.


    • Hello Ganesh,

      There are times when you have to travel even when you know it is not advisable. This is just one such instance. Have you reserved seats in 2 AC? Lower berth seats and reservation in 2 AC class can make the journey quite comfortable for the expecting mother. You have take great care and not let her lift anything heavy or bend down sharply at any point of journey. With due precautions your journey will be smooth. We wish you all the best.

    • Hello Mam,

      If you have booked lower berth seats in AC 3 Tier, then the journey will be comfortable. With due precautions (such as not lifting heavy luggage, not making sudden movements or not bending down) your journey can go well. But prior to the journey, please check with your doctor.

  4. My Wife is Pregnant , I have plans to travel during her 5th month of pregnancy. Would this be a good time for a 16-17 hrs journey by train in 2 AC?

    • Hello Yogi,

      First and foremost, you should consult the doctor before such a trip. There are many complexities which only a doctor can diagnose. If you have to travel you need to book lower berth seats for your wife. 2 AC coach is the safest, in terms of the jerking movements. Also, during your journey do not allow her to lift anything heavy or bend down sharply. Also make sure she has only hygienic food.

  5. Hello sir,
    My wife is 16 weeks pregnant(4th month) and she has diabeties but controlled well… she wishes to travel to her bengaluru from chennai for a week for an emergency purpose, its 5 hrs journey and we have booked tickets in shatabdi. is it ok to travel during this time?.

  6. Dear Sir, my wife is 7 month pregnancy and we travelling to Hubli karanataka(around 1600km journey)and i have booked 2a/c. Kindly advice for the same.

    • Hello Anand,

      First of all you should consult the consulting Gynecologist, before deciding on the trip. 2 AC is the safest for such a travel. Please do not allow the expecting mother to lift anything heavy or bend down too steeply. Make sure she gets enough rest. Also book only lower berth seats for her, so that she does not have to climb up. Follow a simple and easy to digest diet on the trip.

      • Dear Sir/Madam,

        My wife is in 29th week of twin pregnancy. We have to travel from Mumbai to Bhopal on 12th August. Kindly advice

        • Hello Abhisek,

          As your wife is in the later stages of pregnancy, so travelling plans should be done only after consultation with your doctor. If the doctor gives a go ahead try and book seats in AC 2. The seats should be in lower berth. Also, the expecting mother should not lift any heavy luggage, bend down suddenly or exhaust herself.

  7. Sir, is there any problem to travel by train (on 24th of August and 2 hour journey maximum ) during pregnancy. Reservation is at lower birth in 3rd AC and I am also accompanying with my wife.
    Expected delivery date is on 17th of September. pregnancy is normal right now and no complicacy so far.
    Please suggest me as soon as possible.

  8. My wife is 3 months pregnant, Can we travel round trip for 36 hrs from bangalore to ranchi with a week difference. I have 3rd AC lower seats.

  9. Dear Team
    I am just starting 9 months of pagnancy. Its the right time to travel in AC3 coach from Mumbai to Bhubaneswar. Around 30 hours of journey. Please suggest me how and what precaution to be take care during traveling….

    • Please follow the instructions mentioned in the Blog. Travelling in the 9th month is definitely not advised, so if you have any way to avoid the travel please do so.

  10. dear sir. my wife is in 7 month pregnancy and we have to travel on urgent about 16 hour journey but we didn’t get a.c. coach ticket on tatka. so we are going to travel with sliper class without ac . as per docter advice. please suggest it will be safe…l

    • Please take the precautions mentioned in the Blog while travelling. Do not allow your wife to lift any heavy luggage, or bend over. She should remain calm and tension free.

  11. Hi team,

    I am in 3rd month of pregnency we have to travel from mumbai to khammam it is 24 hrs of journey please suggest it will safe or not

  12. Sir my wife delivery date is on 18 Nov 2016 for some reason I have to travel from Ahmedabad to Gorakhpur 14 Oct 2016 which is two days, one night journey I have both third ac coach lower berth seat plz tell could it be possible

  13. Hi Team, my 9month of pregnancy just started n I hv to travel from Mumbai to Baroda, booked 3ac (Lowe berth) in rajdhani, which is 3.5 hours travel, is it safe?

    • Hello Rajiv,

      Travelling long distance during the first stages of pregnancy is quite safe, if the passenger is able to restrain herself from lifting heavy luggage, not bending suddenly or staying away from the travel related tensions. But before you embark on such a journey do consult your doctor.

  14. Hello Sir,
    Good Evening, My Wife is 8 month Pregnancy, And due to family function We are planning to travel from Pune to Chennai (24 hours journey).

    Please advice regarding this.


    • Hello Mr. Siva,

      Your wife is in her later stages of pregnancy and it is extremely uncomfortable as well as risky for a woman to be travelling for such long duration during this time. So, if possible, we would request you to cancel the trip. However, if that is not possible, do consult the doctor for special instructions.

  15. My wife is 7 months one week pregnant.i travel to Rudrapur to jammu at 13 hour journey will asking in this travel is possible. My all reports are good….. Thanks

    • My wife is 7 months one week pregnant.i travel to Rudrapur to jammu at 13 hour journey will asking in this travel is possible. My wife all reports are good….. Thanks

  16. Hi I am travelling from Bangalore to Quilandy, QLD.

    I am 4 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to travel in train?Also any hygienic or nice train like Rajdhani can you please suggest. (As i am not able to search train feedback online)

  17. My sister is 30 week pregnant.shewants to travel patiala to chittaurgarh 24 hour journey will asking in this travel is safe?

  18. Dear sir we are planning to journey visakhapatnam to tirupati on 27th June 2017 now my wife is a pregnant in that time she get 5th month we are booking tickets in sleeper class this journey is safe to her

  19. Dear sir, my wife is 9 month start pregnant can she travel from bangalore to bhubaneswar gariba ratha train 30 hour jor….. iam asking in this time travelling possible. Plz ans….

  20. Hello sir i am 4 months pregnant and i have to travel by 3rd ac train during my 7th month of pregnancy on 3rd of august from karnataka to Varanasi it is 39 hours journey my 8 month will strt from 10th of august as it will be my last days of 7th month while traveling is it safe?

    • Hello, Shubhi!
      You are in your late stages of pregnancy and any sort of travel is not advised at this stage. Though, if you at all have to go, please take prior consultation from your doctor.
      Thanks 🙂

  21. Hello sir/ madam,I m 5weeks pregnant now but I have booked the tickets a month ago from Chennai to Varanasi in the month of July and I ll be 4 months pregnant can I travel ? I ve booked in 3 AC. Pl tell me.

  22. Is any certificate from doctor is required while traveling by train in 30 week of pregnancy?

    Your response is highly appreciated…

    Thank you..

  23. Hello sir ! I was going through your prompt and caring replies to the queries above and I appreciate the way you address the concerned travelers.

    I too have a query i.e , November 5th 2017 my 9th month of pregnancy will begin and on the same day I have booked my 2 tier AC and I am shifting (10 hrs) to my parents place as its my first delivery . I have concerned my Dr before booking and she has advised that I can travel but not to delay than that particular date. I wanted to know whats your say on the same.

  24. Hello sir/madam,
    I need to travel in my 8th month by train from jodhpur to ernakulam. But when I booked for me and my husband, both of us got upper berths despite opting for lower berths. What should we do now?

  25. My fourth month has just begun and I’m feeling pain near the pelvic region when I bend. Although it is a normal pain but I just wanted to confirm whether it happens to everyone during pregnancy or no. Thank You.

  26. Train travelling is safe during pregnancy but only under certain conditions :-
    * Pregnancy of 0-4 months is not considered safe for travelling as jerks may abort the foetus.
    * Travel during 4-8 months is safe.
    * Always try to travel in 1st AC or 2nd AC berths.
    * For getting the lower seat please book the tickets from Counter only.& Tell them u r pregnant, so they will easily allott u the lower berth.

  27. Hi,
    During 17th week of pregnancy which one is safe to travel .. Train or flight. ?
    i have to travel with my wife from delhi to kolkata

    • Hi Mr Deb, Hope you are doing well. Mr Deb we would like to suggest you to first consult your Dr if He She allows you then you can plan your travel by train. Try to book your tickets for any super fast train in A/c class which takes minimum time to reach Kolkata. Thanks

    • Sonu Yadav jee for such situation you should consult your Dr and take extra care if She is allowed to travel by any means. All the best


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