Train ticket bookings to start today at 6:30 P.M at RailYatri!

IRCTC ticket booking

30 special passenger trains by Indian Railways starting between May 12-14th. Check out the list below. Salient points to note for booking –

  1. Train ticket booking will be allowed only through online platforms.
  2. No booking will be done at railway stations or offline counters.
  3. All are AC trains. The AC-3 coach will allow 52 passengers (as against 72) to ensure social distancing. 
  4. Please check the start-date before booking.
  5. Click on the train number below to book via RailYatri.

Please note– Ticket bookings will resume at RailYatri once IRCTC feed for trains is available. Stay tuned!

S.NoFromTo Train NumberStart Date
1Howrah (HWH)New Delhi (NDLS)0230112.05.2020
2New Delhi (NDLS)Howrah (HWH)0230213.05.2020
3Rajendra Nagar (RJPB)New Delhi (NDLS)0230912.05.2020
4New Delhi (NDLS)Rajendra Nagar (RJPB)0231013.05.2020
5Dibrugarh (DBRG)New Delhi (NDLS)0242314.05.2020
6New Delhi (NDLS)Dibrugarh (DBRG)0242412.05.2020
7New Delhi (NDLS)Jammu Tawi (JAT)0242512.05.2020
8Jammu Tawi (JAT)New Delhi (NDLS)0242613.05.2020
9Bengaluru (SBC)New Delhi (NDLS)0269112.05.2020
10New Delhi (NDLS)Bengaluru (SBC)0269214.05.2020
11Thiruvanantha-Puram (TVC)New Delhi (NDLS)0243115.05.2020
12New Delhi (NDLS)Thiruvanantha-Puram (TVC)0243213.05.2020
13MGR Chennai Central (MAS)New Delhi (NDLS)0243315.05.2020
14New Delhi (NDLS)MGR Chennai Central (MAS)0243413.05.2020
15Bilaspur (BSP)New Delhi (NDLS)0244114.05.2020
16New Delhi (NDLS)Bilaspur (BSP)0244212.05.2020
17Ranchi (RNC)New Delhi (NDLS)0245314.05.2020
18New Delhi (NDLS)Ranchi (RNC)0245413.05.2020
19Mumbai Central (MMCT)New Delhi (NDLS)0295112.05.2020
20New Delhi (NDLS)Mumbai Central (MMCT)0295213.05.2020
21Ahmedabad (ADI)New Delhi (NDLS)0295712.05.2020
22New Delhi (NDLS)Ahmedabad (ADI)0295813.05.2020
23Agartala (AGTL)New Delhi (NDLS)0250118.05.2020
24New Delhi (NDLS)Agartala (AGTL)0250220.05.2020
25Bhubneswar (BBS)New Delhi (NDLS)0282313.05.2020
26New Delhi (NDLS)Bhubneswar (BBS)0282414.05.2020
27New Delhi (NDLS)Madgaon (MAO)0241415.05.2020
28Madgaon (MAO)New Delhi (NDLS)0241317.05.2020
29Secunderabad (SC)New Delhi (NDLS)0243720.05.2020
30New Delhi (NDLS)Secunderabad (SC)0243817.05.2020

The Indian Railways has also ruled out some basic precautionary measures and rules for all travellers: 

  • Only passengers with online confirmed tickets will be allowed to enter the railway station.
  • It will be mandatory for all passengers to wear masks and gloves. 
  • Every passenger will undergo thermal screening prior to boarding. Only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to board the train.

We are there 24×7 to help you resolve your queries and help in booking processes. 



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