Indian Railways cancels all regular passenger trains till August: Here’s what you need to know!

  • The Indian Railways has temporarily suspended the regular train services till August 12.
  • A full amount will be refunded to the travellers who booked IRCTC e-tickets before mid-April. 
  • IRCTC special trains will continue to provide service.
  • A sudden surge in COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases has made the Railways put a halt on regular timetabled train services till August 12, 2020. 

The Indian Railways recently announced the mass halt of regular train services till August 12, 2020, including mail, express, and passenger trains. It is also decided that a full refund will be issued towards IRCTC e-tickets booked from July 1 to August 12. However, the 200 special express trains and 30 Rajdhani trains will continue to provide service as per the scheduled time table and safety mechanism.

Due to a sudden surge in the spread of coronavirus infection across the country and because of certain trains being canceled, a full refund amount will be credited to the user account used for booking of e-tickets. Travellers who booked tickets online via IRCTC or any affiliates like RailYatri will receive an automatic refund after the mentioned date of journey. 

Further the preparedness, Indian Railways is regularly sanitizing its trains and stations. It is maintaining hygienic travel conditions for all railway passengers. Informative posters, banners, and electronic videos are being recommended to spread awareness of protective measures and guidelines. This will be displayed at railway stations and inside trains as a constant reminder for travellers and IRCTC staff.

Key passenger guidelines for Special trains:

  1. Passengers with confirmed/ RAC tickets only will be allowed to enter the railway station and board the train. 
  2. Passengers must reach the railway station 90 minutes in advance. 
  3. Passengers will not be provided with bedsheets or blankets for further safety.
  4. Passengers to download the Aarogaya Setu app and maintain social distancing while travelling.
  5. Passengers to wear masks and gloves to cover their face & hands before entering the station and during the entire journey.
  6. Every passenger will undergo thermal screening prior to boarding.

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