When is Your Baby Fit Enough to Travel in Train?

Travelling with a Baby

Travelling is the last thought that will cross the minds of parents just having a baby. They will rather want to spend as much time at home caring for their baby. For, the baby needs a lot of attention and care. The baby also needs to be fed at regular intervals. All these facets make travelling very difficult for the parents. Apart from these, the parents are very exhausted caring for the baby by remaining awake all night long. The mother also needs a specific time to recover from the ordeals of childbirth. All day long the parents are kept busy at feeding and changing the baby. So, ideally all travel plans should be set aside. But then, there are instances when you might have to travel with the baby quite early after its birth. There is no need to be worried, for travel can be a pleasant experience for the parents and baby if it is well planned.

First thing on the mind of the parents is: when is the baby is fit for a long travel in train? Airlines operators have their specific age policies regarding the infant restrictions for travels. Some of them even ask for medical certificates before a travel. But Indian railways do not have any such policy. So, it is the call of parents to decide their baby’s travel-worthiness. Ideally the babies should not leave the house for the first few weeks. Doctors traditionally suggest a 40 day confinement period for the baby. This is the time a baby needs to get acclimatized and gain strength. This is also the time a mother needs to recover from the exhaustion and pain of the delivery. During the first 40 days, the risk of infections is at greatest for the babies and by keeping them at home you avoid the risk. If you really have to travel, then the 40 days bracket is the least time you should provide.

If however, you have a choice then let the baby be on its own for the first three months. After three months your baby will become a good traveller. The baby will not be fragile and it will not mind where it is made to lie, whether at home or in a hotel room. When your baby has started following a certain routine, it becomes easier for the parents to travel with it. However, when you are travelling by train with your young infant a lot of planning should be put into the travel.

It is difficult for the parents to manage the baby ideally when on a train. So, you should book the best facilities. AC class is the best choice when travelling with an infant. So, you should figure out a good train from the Indian Railways time table and book tickets for trains between two stations much in advance. Always try to take a direct route by going through the train schedule between two stations. Taking break journeys with an infant in the arms is not a good choice. There are new trains announced each year and one or some of them (that you did not know of) might lead you to the destination. It is imperative to make an informed decision regarding the choice of trains. If the train is delayed by hours, you run the risk of running out of baby food stock. So, you should check the average delay of trains at a station from our website before making a final choice.


  1. Hi Team,

    I have 1 year old kid. I am planning a travel with my wife and kid. I wanted to reserve Lower Berth or Side Lower Berth for my travel because these both are more spacious and comfortable. So, I selected the option at least 1 Lower Berth while booking tickets. But I have not been awarded any Lower Berths. Could you guys please help me with your suggestions on this. Thank you all!!!

    • Hello Raju,

      Allocation of Lower or Side Lower Berths completely depends on availability and the quotas present in the train. In your case our best suggestion would be to travel in a less popular train along the route. Lower Berths for popular trains run out really fast, so if you choose a less popular train you might have better luck.


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