Why Hourly Hotels are a better option than Station Retiring rooms?

Hotels by Hours

Summers are such a pleasant season! No we haven’t lost it. We do agree that they are sultry and uncomfortable, but aren’t they also a season when you pack your bags and leave for a summer trip with your family? That is why we referred to them as “pleasant”. Like every other preceding year, thousands of families would plan trips, this summer as well. But many of these joyous journeys would be hampered! But, “why” – you ask?

Indian travelers have grown wary of the usual and popular summer retreats, and they search for new options. But then most of the new and upcoming summer destinations do not have a direct train connect. So, you would be forced to plan a break journey and that means you have to spend some hours at railway retiring rooms which can be a painful experience!

Why don’t you book RailYatri Short Stays?

We have identified such problems, faced by train travelers, and that is why we started our own Hotels by Hours (aka Short stay) service some years back. And we have a reason to believe that our users are loving the Hotels by Hours options we have listed at our app and website. Today, we get over 2000 bookings for our accommodations each month! We have arranged for comfortable and clean hotels across 120 prime destinations in India. We have rooms of various sizes and types (AC or non-AC rooms) depending upon your budget and need.

Why do our users love Short Stays?

Most of our users, who have used one or more of our Short Stay accommodations, have shared their valuable feedback with us. We studied these feedback and came up with some common reasons for the love users are showering upon our Hotels by Hours service. And we would like to share them with you, here.

Starts at INR 199 only!

hotels by hours

If you thought that stay at our lavish hotels would cut a hole in your pocket, you are wrong. We have made sure that our users enjoy the best of both worlds. Our hotels are high on comfort and facilities, while remaining cost effective and budget friendly in their pricing.

Clean and comfortable rooms

Short Stay

If you have ever put up at a railway retiring room you would know how shabby and unclean they can get. We have handpicked every hotel you see at the RailYatri app. Each of them is well maintained and clean. Moreover, they will spoil you with their facilities and a comfortable stay is always assured.

Power Nap or lengthy stay – your choice!

Whether you want to freshen up and catch a power nap of four hours, or want an elongated stay tenure (depending upon your tour schedule), it is completely up to you. Unlike most other short stay providers (including Indian Railways) we do not have slab pricing. We would charge you for the exact hours of stay. That is why we call our hotels service as Hotels by Hours.

Luggage Safety

hotels by hours

Think about it – the retiring rooms are placed within the railway station premises and anyone can walk into them. There is so much crowd around that safety of your luggage is a far cry. Keeping the luggage safe is a responsibility resting upon you! You can remove this headache by booking Hotels by Hours from RailYatri. The hotels are completely safe and secure. So, you can rest or leave the room without worrying about your luggage.

Flexi check-in & check-out

RailYatri hotels by hours

We understand that your train might be late, and we found it harsh to penalize you for such a delay. So, when you book Short Stays through RailYatri app, we give you the freedom to check-in and check-out from the hotel at a time of your choice. We are ready to make exceptions if your train arrived late and you could not check-in at the pre-mentioned time. So, if you had booked a room for the tenure between 8 AM – 12 PM, and due to train delay you arrive at our hotel’s reception at 11 PM we would still accommodate your 4 hours of stay sans any extra cost!

Distance from Station

Short Stays

Why do passengers prefer the far-from-perfect railway retiring rooms over hotels? The leading reason is: they are situated right within the station premises. Meaning the passengers do not have to journey any further. We at RailYatri bring you the best of both worlds. Our short stays are within 1-2 KM from the railway station. That means you can rest at a clean, comfortable and well maintained hotel without moving too far from the railway station.

Pay at Hotel

RailYatri short stays

We are so confident about our hotel partners that we give you an opportunity to book a Short Stay without any upfront charges. Visit the hotel, survey its facilities and pay at the desk only after you are satisfied with every aspect.

We not only make your journeys better with our Short Stays, but also reward you for choosing us. Yes, when you book a Short Stay with us, we offer you reward points that can be used to shop to your heart’s desire at our Loyalty Store. If you want any further information about our Short Stay service, please write back to us at: feedback@railyatri.in.


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