RailYatri Pay at Hotel: Remove the ‘WHAT IF’ from online hotel booking




Online hotel booking has made travel planning so simple! While online booking of hotels has removed the hassles and tensions travelers had to face in the bygone era, it is far from being perfect! And why do we say that? Well, recall your experiences (either personal ones or the things you have heard or read) about online hotel booking and you will understand the gaping hole left between user expectations and ground reality.

The ‘WHAT Ifs’


What do you do before booking a hotel online? You would definitely visit a reputed hotel booking site, search for hotels at your desired location, go through the list and make your best choice. But before making the final decision your reference material consists of some images and descriptions provided by the hotelier! And the hotelier would always want to project the best image!

So, many a times you land at the hotel and find its location, amenities or other factors not quite matching your needs. In such instances you have two options: sacrifice your preferences to check-in OR cancel the hotel booking.

What you lose when cancelling a hotel booking?


When you opt for cancellation, you are penalized for no fault of yours. Meaning – the hotel booking site deducts a heavy percentage of the booking amount and refunds only 30-50% of the total payment. In many instances you do not get any refund at all! Would you call this a good practice? No, not at all. And that is why we at RailYatri thought of doing something about it.

Your problem is our headache

Today, we have 24 lakh users and the count is increasing as we speak, and each of our users believe that we can solve their longstanding travel problems. So, we decided to find a solution to this hotel booking problem. How could we remove this ‘WHAT IF’ factor from online booking? We thought… and thought. And voila! We came up with a new policy – Pay at Hotel.

What is Pay at Hotel?

Pay at Hotel policy mingles the best of both worlds (online and offline). While you can book a hotel from the comforts of your home and stay sure of having an inviting room waiting for you upon arrival, it removes the uncertainties of online hotel booking. You do not have to pay anything upfront. You heard it right we will reserve a room just for you without taking any advance payments. That allows you to visit the hotel in person, check the rooms, assess the amenities and match everything against your preferences. You can pay only after the hotel is able to meet your expectations. Isn’t that a revolutionary way to book hotels?

How to use the Pay at Hotel feature?

It is simple…

  • Visit the Home screen of RailYatri app.
  • Tap on Hotels by Hours.
  • Mention your Hotel Location in the search box.
  • Pick a hotel with ‘Pay at Hotel’ tag.
  • Enter stay details (check-in date and time, check-out date and time) and choose the type of room.
  • Choose ‘Pay at Hotel’ and hit the ‘Book’ button.
  • And you are done!

Do use this convenient mode of hotel booking, the next time you plan a trip! Do write back to us if you have any questions about this first of a kind feature.


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