Why Smart Bus is Safe for Female Travelers?

RailYatri Smart Bus

“Road journeys are unsafe for women” that is a conception at large across India. And there are a plenty of reasons why women and the parents back at home shudder at the thought of a road journey. If the newspaper reports from the past few years are anything to go by, road journeys are full of threats for the female passengers. Does that mean women should avoid inter-city bus travel? Not anymore! Road journeys are safe when you choose RailYatri Smart buses.

When we at RailYatri thought of starting Smart Bus services, one of our primary objectives was to provide the female passengers the best of safety and the best of convenience. When our women passengers board a RailYatri Smart bus, we assure complete safety to them. We know dry claims mean nothing, in today’s era, so, we would like to verify our claims with some facts. Just in the month of May 2019, more than 500 female passengers used our smart bus service to commute between Delhi to Lucknow. We got back to them and asked questions about every facet of their journey. We were heartened to get positive feedback from them about the safety levels and in-bus conveniences that they experienced.

A fine blend of Features & Policies makes journeys safer

We wanted more women to experience our brand new Smart Bus service. While conceptualizing and researching about the same, we found a number of loopholes in the existing long distance bus sector, which could be easily filled to erase the insecurities for women. We quickly made some changes and implemented certain strict policies that would make bus journeys for women safer than ever before. Here’s a glimpse into some of them:

CCTV within bus coach

RailYatri Smart Buses

Each of our bus comes equipped with CCTV cameras. And there is a responsible person monitoring each and every activity ongoing within the bus. Speaking on the Psychological level, we found that CCTV forms a big barrier for any criminal intent.

Live Tracker

RailYatri Smart Bus

This is a first-of-its-kind service for the bus sector in India. You can track the movement of our Smart Buses in real-time and it can be shared with a near family member too through the RailYatri app. So, while the female is onboard the Smart Bus, her family and friends can keep a track of her journey.

Women Only seat sharing

RY Smart bus

This is where we thought out of the box. We understand that sharing seats with a stranger male co-passenger for long hours can be uncomfortable for the women passengers, hence we formulated a strict policy on seat sharing whereby if the left seat is booked by a female, we will make sure that the right seat is allotted to another female passenger only.

Verified and Trained drivers/staff

Bus Driver

We want to assure you that every driver or crew member picked for our Smart bus service has undergone screening. During this screening process we have carried our background checks, verified each and every credential and recruited the people who matched all our pre-set criteria. We know our drivers and staff, and can guarantee you they would not be anything but polite and helpful. Further, each of our crew members has an ID card which helps in identifying them and stops impersonation.

Non-stop services

Risks of journeying in bus increases manifolds if the bus makes unplanned stops to pick up extra passengers. We have a strict policy on this. Once the bus leaves its terminus, it will only make a few stops within the city and then run non-stop.

Immediate support via WhatsApp

RailYatri Smart bus

We have a 24X7 helpline, always open to take your calls and solve your problems during a journey. Furthermore, we have arranged for a special customer support mechanism through WhatsApp to bring in immediacy to the process. If you face any problems during the journey, just ping us and one of our team members will address the same in a jiffy.

In-coach washrooms

This feature was conceptualized and brought to life keeping in mind the comfort of our female, elderly and little passengers. RailYatri Smart Buses are fitted with washrooms inside the coach. Within the washroom you would find sanitizer and dettol, for we care about your convenience as well as hygiene.

Other features

  • Neat and clean linen
  • Soft pillows and cozy blanket
  • Padded and comfortable recliner seats
  • Fully air-conditioned coaches
  • Mobile charging facility
  • Free wi-fi onboard
  • Tagged Luggage for theft protection
  • In-bus entertainment
  • Free water bottle/s

We request every female traveler out there to try the RailYatri Smart Bus service for your inter-city transportation needs. And after you have completed the journey do send us your feedback and suggestions. We want to make bus journeys better for every woman in India.


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