How to Remove 90% Stress Associated with Waitlisted Tickets?


How many of you feel relaxed after booking train tickets on waiting list? None of you, right? Though Indian Rail Ministry has been toggling with various ideas to make ticket booking more transparent for general public, yet confirmed tickets are hard to find. It seems Indians are travelling more than ever before! It needs mathematical genius get confirmed tickets for sudden travel plans. But some of these woes would be relaxed if you have the app on your Android phones. This app does all the permutation and combinations that you hardly have time for, giving you the luxury of having peace of mind on or before the travel.

Rail travel is a big phenomenon in India, and thriving on this there are many apps coming up every day. They will provide the travellers standard information about PNR and train running status. But in this fast changing world, you have every right to desire apart-from-the-standard information. This desire can be met with the app. The app now has a new feature which is entitled as “Confirmation Probability Status”. True to its name, the feature not only shows your waiting list status but also offers you a probability of the ticket being “Confirmed”.

How to Access the Basic PNR Information?

PNR Status from Home Screen

PNR Status Enquiry Page

  • Download the RailYatri app from Google Play Store by using the link: or give a missed call on: 8080809551.
  • Give some time for the app to download, and once it is downloaded you will find a Side Menu with the option “PNR Status”.
  • Click on the “PNR Status” and enter your PNR number accurately. Once done, click on the “Go” button.
  • Within a couple of seconds you will get required information on Current PNR Status.

What about the Confirmation Probability Status?

Confirmation Probability Feature

  • Apart from the usual PNR Status information there is a special column for “Confirmation Probability”.
  • The Confirmation Probability is displayed in terms of Low, Medium or High in respect of the Waitlisted PNR Ticket.
  • RailYatri app also makes sure you do not have to keep performing the same search over and over again. You can simply subscribe to “Get PNR Alerts by SMS”.
  • By subscribing to this feature you will be sent real time Alert/Notification each time there is any change in the PNR Status.
  • The app can auto track the PNR changes and provide updated alerts till the point of your journey.

How does the Prediction Mechanism Work?

  • RailYatri app uses data analytics and estimations to come up with the Prediction.
  • The app analyzes the Confirmation History for similar tickets in the past.
  • The prediction is done after checking the rush timings and rush days of the week. As an example – timings after 8 PM are considered to be rush hours for long distance journeys, while Friday is a rush day for such journeys.
  • App also takes into consideration the busiest stations for on boarding and off boarding. As an example – if you are booking tickets from Kanpur Central, then the on boarding is more than off boarding, while if you are booking tickets from Mughal Sarai then off boarding trend is more.
  • RailYatri app considers the performance of the train. If the train has been a consistent performer (timing and speed wise) then chances of ticket cancellations are low (as it would be the first choice for travelers).

When you want something beyond the basic information for your train travels, is the app you should have. The app is user friendly and offers intelligent personalization of information. With this app in your mobile device, you can relax and plan for other important facets of your travel.


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