This is how we have solved railway station transfers!

Railway station transfers

In the last couple of years there has been a flood of cab booking apps in India. While they have ushered in an era of convenience for the travelers, somehow all the cab booking services have missed out on some vital aspects. We at RailYatri have identified these grey areas, and it is our experience in the train travel domain that has helped us unearth these problems. Let us share such problems with you, and we are sure you would be able to relate to them.

  • Being stuck at a railway station: Today, any train traveler does not care to pre-book a cab for forward journeys from the railway station and do you know why? Because they believe that the place they would be travelling to would have similar online cab booking services, as their own residential city. But many a times their conception is proved wrong and they get horribly stuck!
  • Paying higher than normal charges: When you are stuck and helpless, the only thing on your mind is to reach the end destination (which is most probably your hotel or home). And the cab drivers waiting outside the railway station are waiting for such opportunities. They will charge you many times higher than the normal cab charges.
  • Even pre-booking costs more: Then there are other instances when you pre-book a cab, based on your train’s scheduled arrival time. But as you know there is always a probability that your train might be delayed and end up reaching your destination many hours later than the actual arrival time. On such instances you are penalized by the cab operator for no fault of yours. You would have to pay a high waiting charge whereby you again end up paying extra.

All your commutation problems have been answered

Your problem is a food for thought for us. We want to make your journeys easy and cost effective. And with that goal in mind, we have integrated railway station transfers in our existing cab booking services. And our cab services come with policies that help you overcome the above mentioned transportation hurdles. How have we solved the problems related with railway station transfers?

Pre-book cabs based on journey details

cab transfers

You can pre-book a cab for railway station transfer some days prior to your journey date. Pre-booking cabs is the best way to erase tensions of journeying forward from the railway station. You can stay assured that a vehicle would be waiting for you outside the station.

No waiting charge is levied

We understand the functioning of trains in India, and we do not want you to be penalized for their delays. So, when you book a cab from RailYatri app, stay assured that we will never ask for any waiting charge. No matter how delayed your train is, our driver will wait. We are ready to bear the waiting charges, so that you do not have to pay anything extra.

Timely services

RailYatri cab services

Waiting for your ride to arrive after a long journey is the worst experience you can have. That is why we have made sure that our vehicle reaches the pick-up point well in advance to the scheduled arrival time of the train. You can just walk out of the railway station, seat yourself in our cab and get moving.

No Surcharge ever

Railway station transfers

What you see is what you get – at RailYatri. So, you would not have to pay anything extra over the cab booking rates displayed at the app. Our rates are not impacted by seasonal rush and remain constant all through the year.

Available across multiple cities

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Our railway station transfer services have been launched across most busy cities in India. And in the coming days we promise to spread this service across other cities of India too.

So the next time you travel, do book railway station transfer services from RailYatri to enhance your journey experience. If you have any further queries or feedback, please write back to us at:


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