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Glory be to technology that allows us to book a hotel in a completely different part of India with just a few taps! Logically then, every person’s smartphone has at least one hotel booking app in it. But having said that, the online hotel booking process is far from attaining perfection. There are still many customer-facing problems that exist in this still-maturing process.

Now, tell me honestly, does any of the hotel booking apps you have used care to solve your online hotel booking problems? Does any of them offer you endless flexibility? I bet, they do not. That is where RailYatri Hotels by Hours or RailYatri Short Stays are so unique.

Hotel bookings on your terms!

No matter how well planned your travel is, there are many uncertainties that still linger around it. At RailYatri we have identified such situations, where the travelers end up paying extra for their hotel stays, for no apparent fault of theirs. Most of the time, they are left frustrated at the rigid hotel policies. We understand the loopholes of this system and that is why we allow you to book hotels at your own terms. In fact our hotel booking policies are so flexible that we lovingly call this service – RailYatri Flexi Stays!

How are Flexi Stays helping travelers?

Each day our Customer Service department receives hundreds of mails and we make it a point to read and analyze each of them. So, here is a compilation of mails about hotel stay problems and their solution, the RailYatri way!

Flexible Check-in & Check-out

Check-in and check-out

“I had booked a hotel in Agra with RailYatri and my check-in time was set at 10 AM. But, my train arrived 3 hours late, meaning I reached the hotel at 1:30 PM. I could check-in at the hotel right away and they charged only for the number of hours I actually stayed at the hotel!”

– Aniruddh Anand, RailYatri user from Lucknow

We understand that such scenarios may arise anytime during your journeys. This is why we have kept our check-in and check-out times flexible. Unlike the rigid hotel booking rules (whereby you can check-in only after 12 PM and have to check-out after 11 AM), RailYatri allows you to manage the time as per your schedule. We even get midnight or early morning check-ins and our hotel partners are more than happy to accommodate that.

Charging by Hours

RailYatri Hotel

“Mid-way through my trip, I got news about my father’s hospitalization. I had to rush back home. But, I had booked a room from RailYatri for 3 days and 3 nights. I feared losing a lot of money. But when I contacted their customer care, they charged me only for 10 hours of actual stay. Thanks RailYatri!”

– Arjun Dutta, RailYatri user from Durgapur

Glad that we could help you. We understand that travel emergencies cannot be predicted. So, we have instructed our hotel partners to charge you only on the basis of your actual stay duration. If you inform us a bit early, we can manage to help you in express check-out as well. Unlike other hotel booking websites, we do not charge you on a 24 hours basis. And that means you end up saving 70% on your hotel stay budget.

Zero Cancellation Fees

Zero Cancellation Fee

“I was planning a trip to Shimla, and booked hotel room from RailYatri. Just a couple of days before the journey date my daughter fell sick with Chicken Pox. We had to cancel the trip. I contacted the customer care professionals at RailYatri to understand about the cancellation charges and refund process. They informed me that RailYatri would refund the complete booking amount. Glad that I had booked a room through RailYatri!”

– Zeeshan Ahmed, RailYatri user from Rajkot

Thanks Zeeshan for writing to us. When we started taking booking for hotels, we understood such sudden changes of plan were an integral part of Indian travels. But the travelers had to pay heavy penalties for cancelling their hotel rooms. The refund received would vary between 30-50% of the actual advance payment. We decided to rectify this policy. Whenever you cancel a hotel booking with RailYatri, we refund the entire amount upon being intimated.

Pay at Hotel

Pay at Hotel

“Hey RailYatri, I just love your Pay at Hotel feature. I am an avid traveler and during my travels I must have wasted so much money behind cancellations at hotels. Most hotel websites cunningly display stunning pictures and even post favorable reviews to attract the guests. But when you arrive at the actual hotel you find things quite contrary. Due to this, I have had to cancel rooms many a times in the past. With this policy I could visit the hotel, survey the rooms, assess its location and then make the payment.”

– Priya Shastri, RailYatri user from Vadodara

Like Priya, many Indian travelers visit a hotel with a list of expectations and when the ground reality stands in stark contrast, all they can do is cancel the booking and look elsewhere. And when they cancel the hotel, they are penalized with a heavy cancellation charge. We decided to turn the process upside down. Now, you can book a hotel with no down payment and yet your room is kept reserved. You can visit the hotel, tally your expectations, make the payment and move in. So, we have left the choice in your hands!

Want us to solve any other hotel booking problem? Do write back to us and we promise your thoughts would be given a serious consideration.



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