Why getting wetter is better in India?


Monsoon travel is filled with unique experiences and plenty of adventures! While the rain cleans up the earth, the cool breeze refreshes you. India is at its greenest best during the monsoons. The rivers are brimming and the forests spring up with a new life! India is transformed into an amazing wonderland during the rains.

So, why not travel in this refreshing weather? Another great incentive to travel during the monsoon is the low hotel rates. In various tourist hotspots across India, monsoon is considered to be the off-season. So, you can stay in some of the best hotels paying half their usual tariffs. Whether you want to spend a vacation near the sea and watch the monsoon approach the ocean, or see the sky display different hues of blue, grey or black at the hills – venturing out this monsoon will leave you amazed at the beauty of wet India! So, pack your bags and head to some of these monsoon escape.

Beauty along the track 

Hop on a train

While rain creates a chaos on the roads with heavy traffic congestion, it opens up a whole new world of scenic beauty along the track. Just hop on a train, take your seat beside the window and you would love the scenery outside. Rains lashing against the window panes and a sneak peek into the green surroundings will surely bring the poet in you!

Jungle Cover


Jungles adorn a green cover with rich vegetation everywhere during the monsoon. It is a great ambiance filled with the chirping of birds, the dancing of peacock and animal herds moving around. And you can witness all this, book a stay at one of the many beautiful tree houses. A trek through the rain wet forests is also a great experience.

Ayurveda treatment

Spa treatment

Kerala has its own monsoon attraction. Brimming backwaters, sprawling plantations, cliffs and many other picturesque views, turns this city as one of the best monsoon destinations in India. They even have something planned if you cannot venture out due to intense rain. Just relax and heal your body with the rejuvenating Ayurveda massage. Let the herbs and oils detoxify your cells and refresh you. There are many hotels in Kerala offering the Ayurveda massages, so check out before booking.

Cascading waterfalls


You might have seen the Jog Falls, Shivasamudram Falls or Chitrakoot Falls, just to name a few, during other seasons. They are great, but if you visit these during the monsoon they have a life of their own. The waterfalls seem to come alive and they take a gigantic form with tons of water thudding down from heights. They are the definite “Superstar of the Monsoon”!

Tea-ing Off

Go tea-tour in Monsoon

Monsoon is incomplete without some tea and smoking hot pakodas. So, if you are a tea lover, this is the best time to embark on the tea tourism trails. This is the cropping time in most of the beautiful tea estates and you can enjoy the finest cups of tea during the tea-tasting tours. Apart from this, the monsoon ushers in new life to the small ravines flowing past the tea estates. The chirping of birds, some colorful flowers beside the streams and great views of the lush green hills would leave you mesmerized for sure.

Roasted Bhutta on coal


If anything truly defines the flavour of the Indian monsoon, it is  Bhutta with a tinge of lemon, black salt and chilly powder. Bhutta in monsoon will follow you everywhere. Be it the street-side, a busy highway, or you could be waiting for a train to pass at a crossing. So, enjoy this monsoon delicacy whenever you have a chance to indulge.

Were we able to change your thoughts on monsoon travel? If yes, then don’t hesitate to enjoy the rains and make the best of your monsoon moments. Make sure you study the weather forecast before planning. 😉 

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