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We are excited to inform you that IntrCity – which has become India’s widest network of technology-driven SmartBuses – has acquired GoldSeat’s Bus IoT technology platform. With the integration of this technology on its SmartBus fleet – this acquisition will help us in strengthening our own mobility platform, which manages the IntrCity SmartBus leet across 14 states in India.

The platform’s capabilities include GPS-based location tracking and alerting, CCTV feed management, multi-network WiFi, passenger information & announcement system. Seamless integration of GoldSeat’s “Bus IoT technology” will not only boost current features as well as enable upcoming capabilities around AI-based driver fatigue alerting and integrating with OEMs for better service to the operators.

With a goal of enlarging our bus leet to more than 2000 buses over the next 2 years – our firm belief is that technology and data will be the way to scale and deliver a consistent experience to travelers. 

Some of the examples of how the integrated Bus IoT platform is helping us are below. Happy reading!


Manish Rathi | Kapil Raizada

IoT & Future of Bus Travel

Where is my Bus 2.0?

A bus does not take the same route as what Google Maps may suggest – considering the designated pick-up and drop points in a town are typically out of the way. Hence the Google ETA engine does not work for buses. This is the reason – we are the first in the Bus Industry to build our own ETA engine based on the historical running patterns of the same bus.

Safe Buses

Building Bus movement patterns 

Creating a perfect schedule is all about monitoring and building a daily bus movement pattern. These patterns – powered by the data provided by the in-bus IoT – helps us in delivering more than 95% on-time journies.

Monitoring bus driver fatigue or distraction in real-time. 

Inter-city travel in India is primarily night travel. And as in any night driving situations – the safety and monitoring around the driving capabilities are important. As the next stage – we are keen on extending the in-Bus IoT platform to monitor the same and report in real-time to our Central Command Center (CCC). The early Beta implementation in several of our SmartBuses has been quite promising (see video below). 

Remote monitoring of Vibration & Sound

As folks from the OEM industry would say – “It all starts with an unexpected sound here and vibration there“.  Vibration and/or sound are the early indicators of which way the health of the bus is progressing before it comes to a stand-still. With the plan to run more than 2000 buses – we believe an early warning system will make a big difference in the costs associated with the operations.

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