Care for your Parents Health while on Train

Medical Emergency feature

As many travelogues portray: travel is blissful. But ask someone who has fallen sick on Indian trains, they will comment: travelling is nothing but hellish. With the acute shortage of capable medical staff, Indian railways are struggling to provide on time medical help at station. But not anymore, for RailYatri has launched its Medical Emergency feature. Seeking information about medical emergency in train travel has become easier than ever.

Medical Emergency Feature

When Emergency Strikes!

Indian Railways despite being the largest organization of its sort on earth can also at times fall short on providing emergency medical facility in train or along the route It’s best to be prepared and not be sorry later. That reminds of an incident that happened with my friend’s family that depicts how lack of information during a health emergency can haunt the passengers for a lifetime.

My childhood friend Anil narrated this incident when I told him about our Medical Emergency feature. Uncle was travelling with aunty to Chennai for emergency kidney transplant. The transplant had been awaited for many months and finally they found a donor. So, they hurried to Chennai. Luckily, uncle obtained tickets on a Premium train. Everything was smooth in the early hours of the journey. Suddenly, midway through the journey aunty felt discomfort and the situation worsened in no time at all. 70 years old, uncle had to spring up into action.

Uncle called the ticket checker and requested him to arrange for travellers health services. As per a High Court ruling, each Premium train should contain adequate medical supplies for emergency healthcare. But, to uncle’s dismay there was nothing more than some antiseptics and painkillers available on the train! The ticket checker informed the locomotive driver about arising medical emergency and help was sought from upcoming stations. Two upcoming stations did not have any attending railway doctor, so critical health attention could not be provided immediately. The third station was about hour and a half’s distance, offered their help. All this while, uncle was seen running restlessly, weeping at times and trying his best to comfort aunty.

When aunty was finally stretchered off, she was hurried to a local government hospital. But her discomforts were far from over. Attended by a general physician, who plainly did not have the specialization to deal with aunty’s case, she still did not get adequate healthcare. Finally, a local person arranged for the lady to be shifted to a multi-specialty hospital nearby. By the time, aunty had got intended care she had already suffered for more than 3 hours’ agony.

This makes me question: are our elderly fathers and mothers safe on trains? Are they left to sheer luck, if, God forbid, some medical emergency arises? This is why I would suggest everyone to be prepared and install RailYatri’s updated app (with Medical Emergency feature) on your father or mother’s phone. You never know when it may become a life saver for them.


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  1. Dear sir, i am travelling in Odisha sampark kranti express train no 12820 from Anand bihar terminsl to Bbsr. My coach no is S9- 60. Am having bodyache severe cold and cough with blockage nose. I need some medical emergency in next station. Please avail few antibiotics or some cough syrup that could give me some relieve during my long journey.

  2. Dear sir, My family is travelling in train no. 01705 bandra jabalpur spc sup exp. My sister is 1 year old and she has got ill all of a sudden. Can you please help her and provide a doctor to relief her with some medicine. Contact no.9714467874.

  3. Dear Sir

    I’m sapt kranti express ..train No 12558
    One of passenger
    Seat Number 36
    Fallen sick & in unconscious
    Need urgent help
    Just left from Anand vohar

  4. Dear sir. I am puri jodhpur express train no 20813 one of passenger b4 seat no 3 fallen vometing & in unconsious need urgent help just left from rajnadgoan

  5. One of passenger traveling in Mumbai Howraha mail at present near Raipur Jn in S12 coach sick
    Pl attended
    M 7415043876

  6. One of my co-passengers traveling in Patna to Mumbai Kurla Patna Express (presently near MMR Jn) in S9 coach has fallen sick. Please attend.

  7. Dear sir
    my cousin is travelling on UP sampark kranti 12448 from Agra to Banda jn. coach no. S10. Sir he needed an urgent medical help. he became injured by window fall on his hand and break his fingure.. too much blood all around.
    please do the need ful as soon as possible.

  8. Hello sir My husband is travelling in Chandigarh to Kochuveli samparkranti.He has body pain and fever. Pls help him to get medicine train no 12218
    B4_7 Dishin Anthony

    • Hi Mrs Rosy, there is a medical feature in RailYatri App you can use that also you can direct approach Pantry Car Manager or Tc for further assistance. Thanks


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