On a food quest in Katwa – Howrah route

Howrah - Katwa Local

Katwa – Bandel train route, which covers a distance of 144 km, lies on the important Howrah main line. This local train route is used by thousands of daily commuters making their way to workplaces, educational institutions, healthcare centres or business organizations situated in the big city, Kolkata. In order to reach their desired destinations on time, most of the commuters start their journey as early as 6 AM, for the journey to Howrah may take as much as 3 hours. For such daily commuters the Katwa – Howrah local is more than just a mode of transport, it occupies a significant part of their lives.

Important Stations of Katwa – Howrah Route

Katwa - Howrah local train

  • Agradwip
  • Nabadwip Dham
  • Samudragarh
  • Ambika Kalna
  • Guptipara
  • Somra Bazar
  • Jirat
  • Bansh Beria

Tourist Attractions along the Route

  • Temples of Nabadwip (Nabadwip)
  • Sobujdwip (Katwa)
  • Hangseshwari Temple (Banshberia)
  • Mayapur Iskcon Temple (Mayapur)
  • Temples of Ambika Kalna (Kalna)

More than just a train

“This local is more than just a train. You can even arrange a marriage within the compartment, for there is everything available sitting within the train; from sarees to electrical goods, to fruits and small gift items,” says Gourango, a daily commuter. As statistics suggest, there are more than 2500 hawkers who ply their trade along the route. Courtesy to these hawkers, the daily commuters can carry out their basic purchases without having to visit markets after a long day at work.

But the best part of this journey is yet to be unveiled. Bongs are reputed as foodies; any conversation with a Bong would eventually lead to food talk. So, nothing pleases the commuters in Bengal more than delicious food on train. As mentioned before, most of the commuters on Katwa – Howrah local have to leave homes in the wee hours of the morning with barely any time to have breakfast. So, the abundance of food options on this train definitely helps them out. From sweets to snacks, rotis to sherbets, you can have it all on this local train!

Subol Mondal’s Moong Dal Puri

Dal Puri

If you happen to be aboard 37920 – Katwa – Howrah Local (leaving Katwa at 7:35 AM), you will see a sudden stir among the passengers as soon as the train enters Nabadwip Dham station (at 8:18 AM). The stir is caused by the entry of a 45 year old hawker by the name of Subol Mondal. As soon as he opens his shop, the irresistible smell of dal puri and aloo sabzi spreads across the compartment. Local commuters start calling for Subol da to taste his delicacy. Apart from his trademark Dal Puris, Mondal also claims to sell 45 kg of sweets. His special types of mouth-watering sweets such as Sandesh, Rasagulla, Gulab Jamun and Kalakand are well liked by the passengers.

Khaas Pantuah (Special Gulab Jamun)

Khaas Pantuah


If you are into cooking, you may have heard that meat needs to be kept marinated for many hours before it is cooked. What if we tell you there is a type of gulab jamun that is prepared after keeping the chenna (curd cheese) marinated for 2 hours. The result of such an endeavour is a sweet with great softness and supremely good taste. The Khaas Pantuah is a trademark dish of the Katwa – Howrah local.

Kachori & Samosa


Feeling hungry on your way back home, after a tiring day’s work. No worries if you have taken the Howrah – Katwa local. Whether it is Chittyo Ghosh from Guptipara, Subol Biswas from Khamargachi or Santosh Adhikari from Nabadwip will come to your aid with their list of tastiest snacks items such as Kachori and Samosa. If you care for some sweets, do taste the Kheer Mohan or Kanchagolla.

Other food items available

Kolkata Sweets


  • Sweets: Chomchom, Rasmalai, Mohanbhog, Malpua, Jive Gaja, Gud Badam
  • Snacks: Fried Peanuts, Bombay mix (Chanachur), Aloo chop, Vegetable chop, Paratha
  • Drinks: Tea, Coffee, Lassi, Aam Panna Sherbet, Coconut water
  • Fruits: Cucumber, Banana, Apples, Grapes, Oranges, Guava, Dates
  • Others: Cashew nuts, Lozenges, Kulfi.

So, when are you taking this journey of tastes?


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  1. The boiled hen & duck eggs along with the poultry farm eggs… the fruits… jhalmuri…. mohanbhog…. all bear a significance during the journey. … yes… smoking is also very rampant in this route which should be dealt with strick hands…

  2. Great pics Annoy ! Aloo chop, Jhalmuri and Moong Dal puri are equally popular in local trains in Bihar , Jharkhand and West bengal.Smoking especially ‘the beedis’ is a common phenomena…ha..ha..


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