5 Hygienic Meals on Train options for your little one!


Summers are upon us, and apart from the heat and sweat, it is a fun filled time for the kids. After studying hard before their annual examinations, they have plenty of leisure time to play and have fun. The summer vacations in most educational institutions across the nation, and that gives families a scope to beat the mundane life. Like previous years, thousands of parents will be travelling with their kids this year too! And do you know what would be the biggest hurdle for them? Procuring safe and hygienic food for their children.

Each year, the travelling fun for many families is marred after their children fall sick after having unhygienic meals that are available in train! As a parent you can as well take a risk with your food preferences, but risking your child’s health is a strict no-no for parents. But we at RailYatri also understand your compulsion. For quality and hygienic meals for children is a far cry when you are travelling by train. So, this summer we decided to mend that with our specially curated menu for your little ones.

Why RailYatri Meals on train is the safest food option today?

We are trusted by 23 lakh train travelers, and more than 3, 16,000 RailYatri users have ordered meals from us in the last three months solely. And we are glad to inform that most of them have found our meals hygienic, safe and delicious. Apart from this, we at RailYatri work closely with our restaurant partners to assure that the most hygienic meals are delivered to our beloved users every time. There can be no compromises in this regard! Furthermore, we have also partnered with reputed FMCG brand – ITC to make sure that hygienic snacks are available for the train travelers.

Top 5 items that you can order for Kids

Now, coming to the food options for kids at RailYatri meals on train. We would not say that there is an extensive range of items (one that we are proud to have for adults), but each and every one is hygienic and safe for your kids. So, let us take a look at the top items that you may order from RailYatri app for your kids during an upcoming train journey.

#1: Plain Khichdi

It is the simplest of items to prepare and the safest food for the kids to have during journeys. Plain Khichdi is prepared basically keeping in mind the preferences of kids and senior citizens. So, it is not too spicy and very easy to digest.

We deliver this item in a special package so that there is no mess, while your kid decides to show his independence and have the food himself. You can order Plain Khichdi from many locations, during your train journey.

#2: Kids Thali

Unlike the adults, the hunger of your kid is met with a small course. And keeping that in mind, we have created a special Kids Thali. The thali comprises of some basic food items. You would get some Rice, Roti, Dal and seasonal veg or Paneer side dish.

All the items are cooked keeping in mind the tender taste buds and digestive requirements of your kids. They are not spicy or too oily.  

#3: Milk

If your kid loves fresh milk and you want him/her to have it while journeying then RailYatri would be glad to deliver it to you. Milk is delivered inside a special thermos package, so that it remains moderately warm and tastes fresh.

Today, milk delivery is available at only a few select stations, but we can definitely increase this list depending upon your patronage.

#4: Non-spicy add-ons

When you place an order on RailYatri app, we give you an opportunity to specify your food preferences. You can use this scope to customize a food item as per the food preferences of your little one.

If he/she like Hakka Noodles, order it from RailYatri and in the comment box request our chef to prepare the dish in accordance with the taste buds of children. And the chef would definitely oblige.

#5: ITC Snacks items

Only a few months back, we have partnered with ITC to bring before you some popular snacks items for kids. We understand that your kids love to binge on chips or chocolate coated cakes.

So, order for your choice of Bingo chips or Yumfills cakes from RailYatri and let them snack away in the most hygienic manner. Do not let them have the station side snacks (even if they are packed).

At RailYatri we try and find realistic solutions to your longstanding travel problems. And for us, safe food for kids while traveling is a mission. So, the next time you travel with your little one, do order food from RailYatri and assure a safe journey for the small tummy!


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