Haflong: The Cradle of Nature

Haflong Assam

Kaziranga National Park and Kamakhya Temple might be the most visited Assam tourist places, but your tour to Assam cannot be complete without a trip to Assam’s only hill station. Yes, we are talking about Haflong in the Dima Hisao district. Over the years, the majestic beauty of this region has earned Haflong many fond nicknames such as ‘Switzerland of the North-East’, ‘Abode of Clouds’ and ‘Land of Lakes’. Haflong in Assam is a far cry from the concrete jungles we dwell in. It is a ‘cradle of nature’ and a walk through the town would help you experience the tranquil sounds of the birds and bees, sight some colourful orchids and ferns, and trod through the dew covered grass in the mist filled environ! The picturesque and panoramic beauty of Haflong in Assam would surely win over your heart and make you return back time and again. So, come let us explore this Assam tourism marvel.

  • NOTE: As tourism is yet to flourish in Haflong, so most tourists prefer to set up base in Silchar or Guwahati.


The Land of Lakes

It is believed that during the British era, there were eight grand lakes which decorated the town and earned Haflong the nickname of “The Land of Lakes”. However, today only four of those beautiful lakes survive. Among these, tourists must definitely visit the Haflong Lake as well as the Hajong Lake.

Hajong Lake (aka Tortoise Lake)

Hajong Lake images

This lake is situated along the Maibang-Hajadisa road in Haflong. Hajong Lake is famous for its high population of hill terrapin variety of tortoises. According to the statistics, there are around 500 such tortoises in this lake. Close proximity to the Langthing-Mupa reserve forest has blessed this lake with green surroundings. When you are at this lake, you will surely know about a famous legend. As the story goes, there was a Naga tribal village located at this exact site. But the village turned into the lake overnight after the villagers caught and ate a sacred snake. It is also believed that a widow (who had not attended the feast) was the lone survivor!

Haflong Lake

Haflong Lake

While in Haflong town, there is no escaping the Haflong Lake! For the town was built around this elaborate lake and it is ever present. Decorated with gardens on all sides, this is one of the must visit Assam tourist places. The lake is teeming with colourful fishes. The lake has emerged as one of the best angling spots in India, and you would find many fishing lovers engaged in this activity. Another point of interest around the lake area is the hanging over-bridge, which offers panoramic views of the Haflong Lake.

  • Must try: Boating on this lake presents a unique experience.

Haflong Hill

Hill station in Assam

The Dima Hasao region is known for its hilly terrains, and the scenic Haflong Hill is the most picturesque sight in Haflong. When you are in this town you should not miss out on trekking up this hill and even camping out for a night. The hill offers a great view of the surroundings. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view of winding streams, green forests and majestic views of mountains at a distance.

  • Must try: Paragliding trips are organized by experienced operators at Haflong Hills. It allows you to soar through the clouds and get a bird’s eye view of the town below.


Maibang images

You can reach this historical city with one and a half hour drive from Haflong. Maibang was once a flourishing city and served as the capital for Assam’s Kachri rulers between 1500s and 1700s. Marvelous architectures and sculptures dating back to those ancient times have been preserved in Maibang. Maibang has something in store for every traveler’s tastes. If you are a history buff head straight to the Maibang Rajbari. Situated towards the southern end of Maibang city, this palace contains ruins from the Kachari period. If you admire architecture and find solace in divinity then the 12th century built monolithic Ramchandi temple could be a great place to visit. This stone structure has two roofs and a solacing idol inside. The nature lovers would not be deprived of their likings as well. There are many great waterfalls surrounding the city of Maibang.



The next place we would explore, is a haven for all those mystery hunters and bird watchers! Yes, Jatinga has become famous world over for its curious bird’s suicide phenomenon. During the months of August and November each year, many species of birds would die mysteriously in Jatinga. Today, scientists have found logical reasons for that, but many curious minds visit this small village to uncover new facts. The famous Bird Watching Center of Jatinga is situated just 9 KM away from Haflong. A visit to Jatinga gives you an opportunity to view many rare species of birds. The quaint Assamese village life is also one of the attractions of Jatinga.


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