Must-have hygiene essentials to make your travel easier!

Hygiene Tips for Women

Being outdoors is always rewarding. Getting that feel of Independence and experiencing a true sense of wanderlust, empowers us. Besides planning and gearing up for commute; hygiene is an important factor that needs to be given attention and females have to think more about basic hygiene than their male counterparts.


Female hygiene while travelling is most important yet it is one of the most neglected topics when travel is planned. Here are the top-most hygiene issues and  how you can address them with RailYatri’s Travel Store that has all basic products to help you take care of your health and hygiene while travelling.
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1. It’s time to take hygiene into your own hands

Travel Hygiene


There will be times when you will definitely be off the beaten track, such as trekking or walking in rainforests or just taking a train ride. Such situations would either have unhygienic toilets or no toilets at all. During train travel clean toilet are still a rarity. But the good news is RailYatri’s Travel products can now help you travel hygienically and that too with ease.

Try using PeeBuddy – a revolutionary product to beat dirty toilets during travel. Just like using a tampon, using PeeBuddy is quite convenient. It is a perfect fit for differently-abled travellers or those with joint pain etc. Toilet Seat Cover is yet another product that can save you from germs and infection. Why sit on trash, when you have seat covers to help you travel hygienically. What’s more these are easily disposable.

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2.  Experience personal hygiene & freshness

Save yourself from sweat
Female Hygiene involves a lot of things and one of them is how to stay fresh during long travels. They are more susceptible to being infected while using unclean and unhygienic toilets. Problems like toilets without water can now be handled with Intimate Wet Wipes. These wipes contains fruit extracts to keep you clean for long. In summers, sweat becomes a major concern as it not only leads to bad odour but may also cause skin infections. In such cases,  using Sweat Pads is the answer! These easy to use disposable pads will also keep embarrassing stains at bay.




3. Menstruation Hygiene, do it the right way!

Take care of your menstrual hygiene


Still known as “those days”, periods makes almost all women think twice about taking a trip and a lot of them take a step back if the “date” is approaching. It’s true that sanitary napkins are found in most of the pharmacies and supermarkets, wherever you are travelling. However, to ensure you don’t get caught short, always make sure you have about the supply handy.

But, using sanitary napkins on the go is just not the apt solution. And hence, Menstrual Cup is for those who care for their own health. These cups are of high-quality silicone that is widely applied in healthcare products. Thanks to its design, this makes it an ideal menstrual aid for all kinds of sports, travelling or daily use.

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4. No Pain, Only Gain

Pain relief patch


Now don’t let the muscle pain hold you back. The easy to use Pain Relief Patch can be worn to social outings or office under your clothes and can help you get through your day without much ado. Even while you are travelling, this Pain Relief Patch is the must for women during those monthly troublesome days. It works on the simple formula – relaxes the muscle and provides discrete, continuous and non-messy relief from pain and muscle cramps.



5. Tools to make your journey safe & easy

Tools Keychain


We always need an all-in-one, compact and compressible multi-tool set which can be easily carried whenever and wherever you wish to. We can’t always rely on big tools to help us, while on the go. In such times, a tools key chain which is sturdy and durable solves all your needs quite easily. This kit includes following 14 instruments:  Bottle opener flat screwdriver, scissors, fish scaler, hook remover,large knife, can opener, Philips screwdriver, leather punch.


This is not exactly a hygiene solution provider, but nothing less than a travel-friendly and a true companion for your travelling needs.



Take Action: Plan Out Health and Hygiene Extras

We’ve covered most of the items that take care of your hygiene while travelling. But it’s important to plan it out. Where are you travelling to, and for how long? Will you be able to take care of your feminine hygiene, will you be able to get your product of choice in your destination, or should you shop and pack enough in advance? Think about luggage space in the process. Plan ladies, just plan your hygiene and travel freely, next time & always!


Let us know what sort of health and hygiene products you have questions about while packing, in the comments below.


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