Gift your sister her well-deserved safety this Rakshabandhan!


Gone are those days when the public spaces in our society were highly male oriented and women’s entry into these was fraught with tension, thus restricting women’s mobility. Leave alone travelling, today women being advanced and strong enough, are excelling in various spheres of life. But women’s safety still causes’ distress and concern for the entire society.

Mobile phones can go a long way in women making feel safe and secure while commuting on trains. Among many travel apps,, a leading intelligence based, smart travel app, facilitates with a some impeccable travel tools to deal with safety and security.

GPS Locator: This feature provides an interactive real-time location to its passengers. If you are on boarding a train, it picks up your location and tells you exactly where you are with respect to the past and next stations on your route. This just beats every other source of information out there and is supplemented with other information like distance in kilometres for the stations, status of trains etc. It enables eliminating all the insecurities that women hold while commuting through train. An interactive interface will make the information experience better.

Live Train Status:  This path breaking feature resolves all your train running status queries. But the more interesting is yet to come – It updates you with the running status of your desired train even when you are not on it. It displays your live journey details (source, destination, distance travelled and the remaining distance). It also displays the train running status whereby depicting if the train is running on / before time. Even if you are not travelling by that train, it will show you the last status update of your train. This also enables WhatsApp sharing of the live train status details with your loved ones who might be concerned about you!


Trip Sharing: Sharing your trip is an added benefit on its own. It provides the customized form of the entire feature that is required for you to travel during the journey. From off-line train time table to train running status and Indian railway enquiry, the trip created is shown in a customized way to ease the travel experience.


Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA): At RailYatri, we have the first self-learning model of the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) program that predicts arrival times of a train at upcoming stations based on its current location. Our performance testing shows that the program is now helping reduce passenger waiting time (or, in some cases even help avoid missing a late train, which recovered more time than expected) through better predictions. We believe that this initiative will further help in making train-travel a smoother experience for women and also keep trains as the most preferred mode of long distance travel in India.


Book Outstation Cabs: If you are travelling at odd time or just want to stay safe, you will want a taxi to be waiting for and taking you to the end location. Supposedly, if you are travelling to an unknown city, then you will not have the taxi contacts to book for such a trip. Well, the app does that for you. You can mention your phone number and pickup/drop off location and book yourself a cheap outstation cab, just like that.


Order Meals: Protect your choices and health with this app. The app allows users to order for food on train from a list of reputed caterers. Delicious meals of your choice will be delivered in the compartment. You can choose from an extensive menu.

So Ladies! You are not travelling single-handedly on your train. If you have RailYatri app installed on your mobile phones, then it will be your best travel companion. You and your loved ones won’t get into fears and anxieties any more. You won’t be stuck into the insecurities of getting lost and will travel safe, because RailYatri safeguards its women travellers like a “Knight in Shining Armour.”


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