Hurray! Ordering food on train is super easy now


Ordering food online? – Will I even get my food?
This is the most common question when it comes to ordering food online. We understand that from our past experiences, it is a general perception that ordering food online is always a pain . And especially when you are hungry, placing an order online seems to be a very daunting task. This happens because of few reasons:
• Too many options
• Online Payment fears
• Food unavailability
• Delivery Time
• Confusing Process

Bharose wala meal with RailYatri!
RailYatri has come to your rescue which prevents you from compromising with your food onboard.
With its focus on ‘Quality food, Hygienic packaging, Curated menu, Seamless payments, Assured delivery and Simplified ordering experience, it promises you to give the best meal experience ever. The distance between you and your meal is just a few taps away, way too simplified and fun-filled.
Let us take on one by one step to order your ‘Bharose wala Meal’

Steps to book a meal with RailYatri

Download the RailYatri app from the Google Play store:

• Click on the menu that is tucked on the right side corner of the home page. Amongst all options, click on ‘Booking’. Now select ‘Book A Meal’ from the sub-category options.
• Enter your PNR number and click on ‘Book Online’. It will show you the restaurants that are ready to serve you.
• Select your meal from Veg and Non- Veg category and add it to your cart.
• Go to your cart (on the top left side) and click on ‘Continue’.
• Enter your details (Name, Contact, e-mail and Coach/seat no) and ‘Confirm’ your order.

What if I don’t have a PNR number ?
Under Book, a Meal option on the right side of the homepage, just enter your Train number along with your date of travel. All other steps to order are same.

Want to know about your restaurant?
When you are planning your meal, there is a – About – section. This section has a detailed brief about your restaurant, which adds to your levels of assurance and reliability about the food you are ordering from a restaurant.
This is how we at RailYatri are offering an ease of ordering your choicest meals to you. With hand-picked of around 120 restaurants at about 300 stations in the country, we are determined to provide you the best of food experience you’ve ever had.

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  1. 5 N Akshaya apt
    Dr Subbarayan rd,Tatabad
    Many times I tried to order food. But the min order is for Rs 2000 how can two people will eat food for 2000 or is highly illpalned offer

    • Dear Mr Vaidyanathan, thanks for writing to us. We totally understand your concern. Please note that there are some restaurants that only serve bulk orders. However, we do have over 100 restaurants that serve individual meals ranging between 150 to 300. The exact price will depend on the type of meal and the station-restaurant you choose. Apparently, in your case, the only option you got was the restaurant serving the bulk order. We are adding more partners at more stations so that you do not face such situation in the future. Kindly check back often. Regards

  2. how the hell these restaurants and hotels charge so much they forget majority of travellers are common people they cant afford so high rates.
    they forget this and think that all trian travellers are flying in aeroplane

    Railyatri app should contact Ammas kitchen in tamil nadu and sansad bhavan canteens for hygenic Food and less rates
    do some initative
    dont kill common people by tieuping with hotels and restaurants who charge exbortant rates from common people

    • Hello Mr. Manish

      We are a premium food service provider whose focus is on delivering the best quality food while maintaining the hygiene and delivery services for the train travellers. There are different logistics involved while serving the food and the prices of the meals also vary at various restaurants and stations throughout the country.

      Kindly, try using our food services while travelling next time. Hope the quality and the services will make you feel the difference in the experience which we try to offer.


  3. Good Post. Your blog is very informative for us. I would really like to come back again right here for likewise good articles or blog posts. Thanks for sharing a nice information.


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