Travel Hacks to make your outstation cab journey memorable

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When you think quick getaways, you think road trips. And your first step would be to book an outstation cab. With better roads and a plethora of tourist destinations around major cities, taking a holiday has become a breeze with easy to book outstation cabs. And why not? With road trips, the hassle for early planning and booking train tickets in advance – can all be done away with. Also, you have the choice of booking one way or round trip with RailYatri Outstation cabs. Most importantly, the family members can all enjoy the trip together, instead of travelling with strangers. So, if you want to enjoy your next road trip, here are easy Travel Hacks that will make your trip a really rocking on.

#1: Beat the Traffic – Follow your own timing

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The expert maneuvering skills of our drivers will not come handy when you are travelling through busy roads during peak rush hours. This is why we strongly recommend that you start your journey soon after sunrise so that you can beat the rush hour traffic. Depending on the city you are visiting, you can adopt the same ploy for return journey as well. Between 8-11 am and 6-8 pm, would be peak traffic hours for any city/town, so plan accordingly. With RailYatri outstation cabs, you can beat the inconvenient departure/arrival timings of buses and trains easily.

#2: Sing along with your personal music list

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If music be the food…Play on! Yes, music can make everything more lovable. the RailYatri outstation cabs (whether you choose a Compact, Sedan or SUV car) come with great music options for you to choose from. So, there is absolutely no reason to put up with the music choices of the driver. We would encourage you to compile your own list of favorites. Before you embark on the trip, just spare some time to create a collection of your favorite tracks. Carry them along, in USB device, and plug it – and there your musical journey begins.

#3: Keep small denomination currencies ready

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It should be kept in mind that our outstation cab fares do not account for the toll road charges. You have to bear these charges yourself. So, it is good idea to carry sufficient amount of small denomination currencies to avoid frantically searching for money to pay at the toll booth. This will help you speed past the toll booths without having to wait for changes. At the end of the day all those small time savings lead to early arrivals and more time to explore!

#4: Washroom stops – the driver is your best guide

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At RailYatri, we work with only the most courteous and understanding outstation cab drivers. And they would be more than glad to help you during the journeys. But, they cannot quite offer you a viable solution if you need to answer nature’s call all of a sudden. Washroom facilities are few and far in between on the Indian highways and expressways. This is why, we would advise you to use the washroom whenever you have a chance and not leave it too late. Many gas stations and roadside Dhabas have washrooms, your driver will inform you accordingly, so use them to stay away from such emergencies.

#5: Befriend the Locals

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The cabs that you book through RailYatri are driven by experienced professionals. They know the routes (including the shortcuts) like the back of their palm. But, the locals might know the area better than them. It pays rich dividends to befriend the locals you meet during the stops and ask around. You might come to know about a Dhaba that serves the best food in the area, or you might learn about a road blockage in the route you are heading towards. All their suggestions are valuable!

#6: The journey is as important as the destination

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Road trips are all about enjoying each moment. Yes, you should have a tentative schedule in place, but do not stay too rigid about that. You never know when you might encounter some photogenic landscape along the route. Our polite drivers understand such scenarios, they will be more than glad to stop by and allow you some time to hone your photography skills.
Finally, to make the most of your road trips do care to look through the great outstation cab offers ongoing at RailYatri.


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