The mysterious hide and seek beach of India: Chandipur Beach


Odisha is not only a land of culture, traditions and temples, but it is also home to a number of beaches which are not only a treat to the eyes but are mysterious and  lesser known. One such beach is the Chandipur beach in Odisha. Chandipur beach can be a beach for some and for some it is a mystery unsolved.Chandipur beach gives an amazing feeling of walking into the beach. It is not just any other beach in India. The sea water here recedes almost 5 kilometres away from the main shoreline during ebb tide and the water stays behind until high tide comes and the water returns back to the shore with it. The water receding activity occurs twice every day during the ebb tide. However, the timings may change as per moon cycle.

One can actually witness the sea disappearing in front of his eyes and then coming back. Surprisingly, not many people, including the visitors are aware of this strange phenomenon of Chandipur Beach. This amazing hide-and-seek of the beach gives lurking fear and curiosity of walking, that the high tide may hit the shore at any time. Chandipur beach is known for its mesmerising Sunset which is simply a treat to the eyes when the ochre light of the setting sun spreads on the sand and the region gets divulged into the beauty of it.

Chandipur beach is also an ideal place to witness beach-combing, where one can find some pearls, seashells, tiny fishes and crabs. The Casuarina trees, sand dunes and the crystal clear water also make it special. The experience on this beach is truly unmatchable from any other beach in India.Truly said, India is a land of discovery and unbelievable mystery, which leave us amazed and awe-struck when we dig deep into the details of it. Some of these lands are known to us and few remain untold and undiscovered.

TIP: Balasore railway station is just 16 Km from Chandipur and buses are available for easy transport. However, the frequency of the buses are irregular and  it is advisable to hire a private auto that will charge between Rs.150-200 for 30-40 minutes ride. 


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