Which subject your city would teach if they were teachers?


The best lessons are the ones that we learned outside the classroom, isn’t it? This Teacher’s day we were wondering, what subject different places would teach when we step out and travel through India? And we came up with something like this.

Study English in Kochin and Sanskrit in Varanasi

English, Kochin: Kochin excels in literacy rate of Kerala with maximum numbers of English medium schools.

Sanskrit, Varanasi: Sanskrit is the mother of all languages in the World and Varanasi is one amongst the World’s oldest city.

History in Hampi and Civis in Delhi

History, Hampi: It is a UNESCO heritage site and the Monuments are so old, even our great grandparents weren’t probably born then!

Civics, Delhi: Supreme Court, Parliament house, Central Government etc all belongs to the political Capital.

Art and culture in Jaipur Botany practical in Valley of flowers

Art & Culture, Jaipur- The Hawelis and fort, art, culture, and dance, makes Jaipur a perfect city for learning the art.

Botany practical, Valley of flowers- A breathtaking array of over 500 different species of wildflowers spread over an area of 87.5 km². Is that not enough for your practical?

Go Goa for recess

Recess, Goa: Do we really need an explanation?  🙂

Literature in Kolkata and Computer science in Bangalore

Literature, Kolkata: Kolkata is known for showcasing literature in all its glory. Some of the World renowned gems belong to this city.

Computer Science, Bangalore: Well the silicon valley of India has no better competition.

Finance in Mumbai, maths in Chennai

Finance, Mumbai: Reserve Bank of India, the National Stock Exchange of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, all finance related terms come as this city’s crown.

Mathematics, Chennai: Have you ever seen your friend from Chennai failing in Maths? 😉

Hindi in Allahabad, Zoology in Bhandhavgarh

Hindi, Allahabad: Land of many Hindi writers like Prem Chand, Kabirdas, Mahadevi Verma, Tulsidas, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Bhagwati Charan Verma, and many others.

Zoology practical, Bandhavgarh National park: 37 species of mammals, 250 species of birds, about 80 species of butterflies, a number of reptiles and tigers are the best reason to do your zoology practical here.

Physical education in Ranchi and Geography in Mirzapur

Physical Education, Ranchi: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Deepika Kumari and much more to come in every field of sports.

Geography, Mirzapur- Our IST is computed from a clock tower in Mirzapur, as it is near the corresponding longitude reference line.

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