RailYatri Booking Rate: Information that keeps you Lucky!

RailYatri Booking Rate

“There is a fine line between staying lucky and being unlucky. We have a feature that keeps you lucky in the hunt for confirmed train tickets!”

How many times have you cursed your luck while booking train tickets? Many a times I guess! Though more than 12,000 long distance trains run every day across India, yet there is a drastic mismatch between the demand and supply of train tickets. Taking this into consideration, many train travelers miss out on a Confirmed berth only because they were late in booking by an hour or so! And when you face such a situation, all you can do is curse your luck and wish you had booked the ticket(s) a day before or some hours prior.

At RailYatri, our mission is to solve such longstanding problems for train travelers. And using technology we have solved many such problems. So, this time we decided to do something about the problem mentioned above. We have more than 1100 million train data stored in our data center. We analyzed all that data to come up with a solution to your train ticket booking tensions. And we named this feature – Booking Rate!

How does this feature help you?

The Booking Rate feature is a prediction mechanism that is embedded within our Seat Availability feature. So, when you search for Seat Availability in a particular train at a specified date, we not only tell you about the present booking status but also use our computation to come up with predictions on how quickly the tickets would run out. This first-of-its-kind feature allows you to stay ahead of other train travelers during the hunt for confirmed train tickets for your upcoming travel. You have a smart prediction mechanism assisting you in the decision making process. When the RailYatri app predicts that the tickets for a particular train (on a specified date) are “Filling Fast” you have to act accordingly and get the reservation done at the earliest. The Booking Rate feature simply helps you beat the bad luck or lack of proper timing that might have hampered your past travel decisions.

What’s more in this feature?

RailYatri Booking Rate

  • Analyze the next 6 days: If the tickets for your specified date have exhausted on the train of your choice, we still give you options. You can alter your travel plans slightly and book tickets in the same train on days when tickets are still available. We would show you booking status for the next 6 days helping you travel comfortably on an alternate date.
  • In-app Alerts: When you check for Seat Availability in a certain train and on a certain date, we keep the data saved with us. We will send you in-app notifications when the tickets are about to run out. This serves as a welcome reminder for many users. They can still book tickets and get confirmed berths.
  • Rush Periods: When you search for a date, and if it coincides with a certain ‘rush’ occasion, we quickly inform you about that. This helps you stay ahead during such seasonal rush periods when the demand for tickets often touches the sky and early bookings are required.
  • Available for 2500 trains: In the first phase of Booking Rate feature launch, we have integrated it with as many as 2500 popular long distance trains in India. So, there is a high probability of getting such help while searching through “Seat Availability” for your choice of train.

We have received an outstanding response for the Booking Rate feature and it is the early days yet! On a typical day at RailYatri we receive more than 2.5 million queries from users inquiring about the rate at which tickets are being booked in a train of their choice. Such an overwhelming response, makes us believe that we have solved a big problem for the train travelers across India. If you have not tried this feature yet, we request you to give it a try. Do send us your feedback at feedback@railyatri.in.



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