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RailYatri smart bus

Summers have arrived! And apart from the searing heat and humidity, it is also the season when most families across India plan for their annual family vacations. Like all other years, 2019 will also see a high demand for train tickets during the next couple of months. And that means getting confirmed seats in trains would not be easy. Fact is: Indian railways wants you to plan out your journeys well in advance. But life does not have such a linear flow to it. So…

  • Millions of Indians would be spending many restless hours pondering over the fate of their not-yet confirmed train tickets.
  • Thousands would cancel their vacations due to the unavailability of confirmed train tickets.
  • Thousands of others would suffer the inconvenience of journeying with RAC tickets or worst still return back from stations when their waitlisted ticket/s are not confirmed.

But not many people would seek bookings in a long distance bus! But buses are also a perfect transport medium! We know, you must be wondering how we are pitching buses as a “perfect” mode for your joyous family travel. For decades now, Indian long distance buses have turned fun filled journeys into a nightmare. Lack of conveniences, timeliness and infrastructure in this sector has meant that the bus travelers have to suffer.

Don’t know of RailYatri Smart Buses yet?

RailYatri Smart Buses

If you have a negative perception about bus journeys, then you haven’t heard about our smart buses yet. We launched our own brand of long distance buses only a month back. And we chose the popular route Delhi – Lucknow – Delhi, as our first route of operations. And today we receive hundreds of booking requests every day! We anticipated such a warm response, because we have tread where others did not. We took up the pain of organizing and structuring the bus sector as soon as we launched our smart bus service. Core philosophies and features of our buses would quickly change the perception you have formed over the years about bus journeys. When you board a RailYatri smart bus you can experience:

  • Timely services
  • Uninterrupted and regular services
  • Coaches with toilets
  • Mobile charging facility
  • Free wi-fi onboard
  • Live tracking of bus
  • Comfortable seats and pillows
  • Fully air-conditioned coaches
  • Trained on-board staff
  • In-bus entertainment
  • Free water bottle/s
  • No intermediate stoppages

Let us take you to popular summer destination

RailYatri Smart Bus

Within a couple of weeks after launching our Delhi to Lucknow & vice versa smart bus services, our inboxes were filled with requests from loyal users. Each mail carried a request for route addition to our smart bus services. We knew we could not add all of them right away. But we identified some of the popular routes where the Indian families would be journeying during the summer break. And we have added many such routes. Some of our latest smart bus routes are:

  • Delhi – Amritsar (via Ludhiana): Many families prefer travelling from Delhi to Amritsar as their summer trip destination, and there are many logical reasons for their choice. It is a city with rich historical heritage and offers a chance to view the splendid Golden Temple and other gorgeous religious sites. So, we decided to include this route.
  • Delhi – Manali (via Chandigarh): Hill stations are the go-to destination when the heat elsewhere gets unbearable. Logically then hundreds of Indian families would be popularly travelling from Delhi to Manali to use this tourist town as a base for their exploration of the scenic hamlets of Himachal Pradesh. Our smart buses can take you to Manali city center.
  • Delhi – Shimla (via Chandigarh): Decades have passed, generations have grown up, and yet Shimla remains as beautiful as ever. And when one talks about summer travel, Shimla would definitely be the best place to visit. Apart from its long list of tourist attractions, it is also conveniently connected with other tourist towns in the near vicinity. And guess what, you can take a RailYatri smart bus from Delhi to Shimla without any hassles at all.
  • Delhi – Jaipur: Holding the splendors from the Rajput era, Jaipur intrigues the travelers both young and matured. A trip to Jaipur would serve as a good exposure to Indian history for your kids and give you endless opportunities to spend some leisure days. You can enjoy travelling it sitting within the air-conditioned coach of RailYatri smart bus and experience the amazing diversity of landscapes between Delhi to Jaipur.
  • Delhi – Kanpur: Kanpur is a beautiful city situated on the banks of Ganga. The city brings before you a collage of religious and historical sites. The Ghats in Kanpur offer you a great scope to sit and reflect upon your life. Delhi to Kanpur is also among the popular summer travel routes in Northern India. With this, RailYatri offers you a memorable bus journey to this diverse city in our smart bus.

If you are planning a memorable summer trip, do care to book bus seats through RailYatri. If you want to provide a feedback, please write back to us at


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