PNR Confirmation Probability: We want to save you from anxieties before a journey

Confirmation Probability

“RailYatri data shows that WL-864 could be confirmed! On the contrary, passenger with WL-1 status could struggle to get a confirmed berth!”

Most of you reading this blog, have at some point of your life faced the uncertainty associated with a waitlisted train ticket. Often all the fun before a journey goes out of the window when you have a waitlisted ticket for your upcoming train journey.

The simplest way to avoid such tensions is to open the RailYatri app and seek help through the PNR Confirmation Probability feature. Yes, within seconds of providing us your PNR, we would be able to predict the fate of your waitlisted ticket! That is the magic of this feature. But within those few seconds we would analyze heaps of historical PNR data and authenticate it with Machine Learning. When we say your PNR has “High” Confirmation Probability, you can be tension free.

We are easing travel anxiety for 1.3 million passengers every day!

PNR Confirmation Probability

Yes, you read that right. During a typical day at RailYatri we process 1.3 million PNR Confirmation Probability queries from train travelers. When we launched this first-of-its-kind feature back in 2013 our goal was to help passengers who stay in the dark upon being allotted a waitlist ticket. During those days, there was no mechanism for the commonplace passengers to know the fate of their journey. And we wanted to end this uncertainty. The growing popularity of our PNR Confirmation Probability feature makes us believe that we have attained that goal.

During these six years we have stored over 35 million PNR records! And this data has made our prediction mechanism better and more accurate than ever before. Today, we can proudly claim that our predictions are 97% percent accurate and thus we are unarguably one of the best in the industry.

We are confident enough to throw a challenge!

PNR Confirmation

We understand that in this era of false marketing claims, we can only prove our confidence with real actions. So, when you purchase a train ticket from RailYatri, we make you a promise through Confirmation Assurance. As a part of promise, we would refund your complete booking amount if the ticket booked by our agents is not confirmed at the point of journey. And where do we get such confidence? Well, our agents always consult the PNR Confirmation Probability feature before they book any train ticket!

Even if you have not booked a train ticket through us, we are still ready to throw you a challenge. Check for the Confirmation Probability of your waitlisted ticket. If our prediction does not match future outcome of your PNR, we would award you 100 Reward Points with which you can shop at our Loyalty Store. Can any other app or website offer you such a deal?

What happens when you check for Confirmation Probability?

Confirmation Probability

Now, let us take you behind the scenes and tell you how we calculate the PNR Confirmation Probability, when you give us a PNR to analyze. And here is what we do:

  • Crunching Historical data: The first step is to analyze the historical PNR confirmation data for your specific train. We analyze 3 years of past data to come up with a result.
  • Analyzing the day of journey: That is not all, we analyze the day of journey. For we know that weekend journeys are more popular than weekdays. So, when you are travelling between Monday-Thursday you would have higher chances of Confirmation as against a journey planned between Friday-Sunday.
  • Tallying with Seasonal Rush: Now, coming to the last criteria. Our historical data also gives us insights into Seasonal Rushes for a particular route. Simply put in words, seasonal rushes are events when the ticket demand for a certain route escalates.
  • Showing the Result: And with all that numbers crunching we are able to show you accurate Confirmation Probability in terms of High, Medium and Low.

Decoding the PNR Confirmation Probability results

PNR Confirmation Probability

Well, many of our users have written back to us stating their desire to know about the rating we provide for a particular PNR in regards to Confirmation Probability. So, we thought of telling you what the terminologies really mean.

  • High: We show you “High” Confirmation Probability only when a PNR has 97% chances of being confirmed on or before the journey date. When you see “High” in your result, forget all tensions around your waitlist and focus on packing your bags!
  • Medium: “Medium” Confirmation Probability signifies that your PNR has 55% chances of being confirmed at the point of journey. You might still look around for alternate trains or travel modes, just to stay safe.
  • Low: If your PNR has a mere 20% chance of being confirmed, then we show you “Low” Confirmation Probability. When you see this result, you have to definitely start looking for alternative modes (in the form of buses or outstation cabs).

Your peace of mind, before and during train journeys, is very important for us. And that is why we have always strived to integrate features and services that help you have a merry journey. PNR Confirmation Probability is our endeavor to make sure that your travel tensions are minimized. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding our PNR Confirmation Probability feature please do comment below or write to us at



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