Protect your health during rail journeys


The Unstoppable Power of your Health

There is nothing more valuable in our life than being healthy. A greater awareness about our health, physical and mental, enables us to live our lives fully with vitality and meaning. But no matter how organized and health conscious you are, medical emergencies can arise anytime.  But what if such a problem occurs when you are in the middle of a  journey?

Tackle healthcare emergencies, the RailYatri’s way!

We truly understand the value of your well-being and that is why we are committed to making your journeys safe & stress-free. So let’s explore how RaillYatri is helping you tackle with your health & hygiene while you travel.

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1. Medical Emergency feature: A life saver

If you thought that medical emergencies can arise only for passengers with a health condition or senior citizens, then you are far from reality. No matter how healthy and fit you are, you have to stay on guard. A bit of handy information can save you from immense complications, especially when you are travelling in trains.

With Medical Emergency feature, the information provided by RailYatri is not only limited to hospital names at stations but also provides direction from station and contact numbers. Saviour, isn’t it?


2. Travel Store: One stop for your medical essentials

Travel Store

Each day Indian trains transport thousands of passengers from across the country. However, when you have a health problem, the planning for a journey can be a whole lot different. A well-organized approach to travelling can reduce the chances of medical emergencies to the minimum. And the entire approach is based on how well you arrange for and then pack the healthcare essentials. So, the days leading up to the journey should be used to stock all the essential medications and equipment.

And guess, what? Our Travel Store offers essentials that come handy anywhere, anytime.

  • Sudden Sickness

Sudden sickness

Sudden sickness experienced during train journeys can range from nausea, fever, dizziness,  to sprains, muscle pulls and other injuries. Apart from this, if you have  Blood Pressure (high or low), you need to keep monitoring it, as the exhaustion and stress leading up to a journey can shoot it up. So, before planning your trip you should start arranging for certain medical essentials.

Available in Travel Store:  BP Monitor,  Pain Relief Patch, Thermometer, Knee and elbow patch

  • Stress Busters

Stress Buster

You should strive to reduce the exhaustion which is typically accompanied with a long train journey. Sitting in the same position for many hours at a stretch should be avoided, train alleys are ideal places to take short walks. Apart from this, the days leading up to the travel should be spent in purchasing some items that help you get rid of stress.

Available  in Travel Store: Body Warmer, Massaging Pillow, Sleeping Mask, Eye Mask
Stay fit even while travelling with our exclusive Fitness Bands (Health & Fitness freaks, just go for it)-


  • Organizers

Button Pill Box

There might be some travellers who would be under medication. Hence, we have products that organize your medicines and do not let you forget to intake them. A big time saviour!

Available in Travel Store: Button Pill Box

  • It’s time to take Hygiene in your own hands

Health and Hygiene

Trains being a public transport, we are prone to many infections especially during our frequent trips to train toilets and hence cleanliness should be paramount. In order to keep you away from germs and viruses as much as possible, we offer you a wide array of products that focus on cleanliness and hygiene.

Available in Travel Store: Toilet Seat Covers,  Toilet Seat Sprays,  PeeBuddy,  Intimate Wet Wipes, Toilet Seat Spray


World Health Day marks the anniversary of the World Health Organization on 7 April. The goal of the organization is to bring health issues to the forefront and educate both, the public and policymakers about the importance of health and hygiene. Truly, we all can make such lifestyle choices which can prevent health risks and create wellness.



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