IntrCity SmartBus Flexi-Ticketing is Here


Ever wondered why you pay for things that you don’t even avail, well, probably because your decision or a change in plan might be costing someone else. But the question is why should you pay for simply changing your mind or because something else came up. At RailYatri, you are free to change your mind even if it is an hour prior to the travel time.

Radha had to go to her friend’s place for the weekend from Delhi to Chandigarh. Yes, she was excited and she looked forward to it. She had been planning for this for days now. She booked a ticket at the RailYatri app in an IntrCity SmartBus from Delhi to Chandigarh. The day Radha was to leave, she got a call from the office for an urgent travel to Mumbai for a scheduled meeting. She had to cancel the plan but she was informed about an hour prior to her travel to Chandigarh. She had no choice but to cancel the ticket and ask for a refund but she thought that her money has gone waste as no bus operator will refund anything just an hour prior to the travel time.

Radha anyways proceeded to the cancellation option on the RailYatri app and to her surprise she figured out that as she cancelled the ticket she was given an option to get a full refund of the ticket money as e-cash in her RailYatri Wallet. And she could use that money for her travel plans on the IntrCity SmartBus in future.

You read that right! RailYatri has introduced Flexi Ticketing for our IntrCity SmartBus service. It gives you the flexibility that no other bus operator gives currently.

  • Flexible: There are hundreds of bus operators out there with some sort of refund policy. Some give 50 per cent refund, some 60 per cent and some 40 per cent. But no one gives you a full refund and that too an hour prior to the travel time. This flexibility keeps your options open if there is a last-minute change of plan. Why settle for less when there is IntrCity SmartBus by RailYatri.
  • Peace of mind: You know that your money is safe with us even if you don’t get to travel as per your plans, which keeps you at peace. No rushing around with cancellations and no counting of hours when you want to alter your plans. Full refund means 100 per cent cash into your RailYatri Wallet.
  • Unlimited validity: Your prepaid recharge has validity, your set top box has validity, online streaming service providers have it, your car insurance is also bound by validity and it is all about more of this time bound limitation, which is applicable on almost everything today but guess what, the Flexi Ticketing service has unlimited validity. This means you can use the money lying as e-cash in your RailYatri Wallet anytime you wish to travel on IntrCity SmartBus in future.
  • Your money is safe: When you cancel a ticket that you booked with IntrCity SmartBus service, your 100 per cent refund comes back into your wallet as e-cash and it stays there. It’s your money and you are free to use it anytime you want. RailYatri doesn’t make any deductions in the name of service fee or annual charges, etc.

A little about IntrCity SmartBus by RailYatri

The whole concept of travel by a bus is so underrated that people normally do not want to try it. The reasons are hygiene issues, no attached toilets, uncomfortable travel, dirty linen, no flexibility, untrained staff and heavy cancellation charges.

Keeping all these things and more in mind, RailYatri started its IntrCity SmartBus service to provide a safe, comfortable, well-planned and an extremely flexible mode of travel. The moment this service was launched; it became an instant hit. The reasons were many but important ones were trained staff, neat and clean buses, attached toilet (on selected routes), clean drinking water, comfortable seats, etc. Our IntrCity SmartBus service gives an on-time promise and safety promise to its passengers.

The service is currently operational on select routes, such as Delhi to Manali, Delhi to Chandigarh, Delhi to Jalandhar, Delhi to Shimla, Delhi to Ludhiana, Delhi to Amritsar, Delhi to Lucknow, Delhi to Kanpur, Delhi to Gorakhpur, Bengaluru to Chennai, Bengaluru to Hyderabad, Bengaluru to Coimbatore, Chennai to Coimbatore, Chennai to Hyderabad and we are planning to start Mumbai to Ahmadabad, Delhi to Varanasi and Delhi to Prayagraj.

Apart from the IntrCity SmartBus service, RailYatri has also introduced a SmartLounge at Lucknow with modern amenities allowing the passengers to wait in a clean air-conditioned environment sans any dust, dirt and noise.

RailYatri, India’s most loved multi-modal intercity transportation network is a pioneer in train and bus travel. In a short time, RailYatri has grown to be people’s favourite – whether it is planning an itinerary to certain destinations, booking train and bus tickets, booking a cab, ordering a meal on-board besides much more. The app also provides real time train running status, information on railway stations and the stations that will come on the way from start station to the destination.

We have come a long way and our Flexi ticketing service for bus travel makes it better!


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