Now India can have high expectations from bus journeys


“Years have passed but the problems have remained unattended!”

Yes, we are referring to the long distance bus sector in India. The gap between expectations and ground realities is so drastic in this sector that travelers fear booking seats for a bus trip. For years the private and government bus operators have cast a deaf ear to the demands of the travelers. And this has made long distance buses an almost non-existent travel option for the travelers. They would rather take the risk of traveling on a wait list train ticket than journeying in a bus!

Introducing RailYatri Smart Buses

When we decided to take up the problems of the bus sector, after having solved many a problems related to train journeys, we knew that the task was gigantic. So, our first step was to start a bus service of our own. And not just any service, about a month back we started our Smart bus service. A bus that is operated by RailYatri and we stay accountable for everything! We logically picked a high traffic bus route in North India to initiate our services. For a month now we have been offering Smart bus services from New Delhi to Lucknow and vice versa. And within this short time period we have got a great response from our users and regular bus travelers. Our inboxes are filled with feedback mails appreciating the Smart bus service. Today, we receive hundreds of bookings every day.

Smart Buses now tread new routes!

Each day at work, we at RailYatri receive mails from our loyal users requesting us to launch services in their specific state and route. We cannot cover all those routes right away, but we promise to keep your feedback in mind for the long run. However, after the successful initiation of Delhi to Lucknow bus route, we are all set to launch our services in some other popular routes as well:  

What makes our Smart Buses so special?

Creating a favorable impression about bus journeys was never going to be a simple task, and our team of bus experts understood that. The lag between journey expectations and ground realities was so large that disappointments were bound to happen. Every Indian passenger somehow associates painful journeys with long distance buses. So, you can well understand the mountain of challenges in front of us. We analyzed the situation and came up with some very simple solutions. And today, these small changes are making a big difference in regards to the journey experience of passengers. When you board a RailYatri Smart bus, you can expect the following:

  • Timeliness: One of the biggest issues with long distance buses was their timeliness. When you arrive at the pick-up point you are never sure when the bus would arrive and same was the instance with reaching a destination. So, we implemented a simple (and strict) policy: each of our buses has to leave on time and arrive at the subsequent stops timely.
  • Toilets inside coaches: Who can predict “nature’s call”? But when you are journeying in a bus you have to plan that out too. Easier said than done, don’t you think? Lack of toilets kept so many travelers from using buses as their journey mode. So, we made sure that each of our smart buses comes fitted with clean toilets. It takes a big tension factor out of our travel equation.
  • Free Wi-fi: Internet connectivity has become as essential as air and water today. And we identified this need of long distance passengers. Every smart bus coach is fitted with Wi-fi routers so that you can browse your favorite sites and apps while on the go!

  • Live tracking mechanism: At RailYatri we know our technology! And that helped us solve the long standing problem with bus tracking in real time. Each of our buses are tracked in real-time all through its journey. This helps the passengers and even their family members back at home stay well informed.
  • Comfortable facilities: All our coaches are latest in line, and come with recliner and soft cushioned seats. Apart from this, we also offer you soft pillows to spend some hours of rest. You would be provided with water bottles as soon as you board the smart bus. That’s not all, we have arranged for in-coach entertainment through movie streaming too. So, bus journeys would be fun and relaxing experience for you.
  • Special Charging Point: We understand how dependent you are on mobile devices and we do not want you to face any hassles during the journey. That is why we have created special charging zones in the smart bus coaches, so that your smartphones get their share of food too!
  • Regular Bus Services: We have made sure that our buses traverse on their mentioned routes on all days of the week. We understand that an urgent travel plan might come up anytime and we would be glad to help you meet that.
  • Well trained Staff: We care for every aspect of your journey experience. We understand that many a bus journeys, in the past, might have been soured by rowdy behavior of the bus staff. So, we have taken special care in this regards. We have personally interviewed and checked the backgrounds of our in-coach staff. That means you get professional and courteous behavior from them. If there are aspects that the in-coach staff cannot handle, then we are only a call away.

Come on all you travel loving Indians, try our smart bus service. And we can guarantee that all your bad memories about long distance bus journeys would be wiped out at once. We would also request you to expect high. If you feel there are certain other facets that we need to address, with our smart bus service, please write back to us at


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