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(2/12/20) – Good News by Indian Railways! travellers please note; 46 festival special train services have been extended. See details

Indian Railways extended the services of 46 Festival Special Trains for travellers who are now returning back from celebrating festivals from all over the country. The timings of these special trains have been revised with effect from December 1, 2020. Here’s the rolled out list of festival special trains by the Indian Railways: 

  1.  Train no. 02989/02990 Dadar – Ajmer Superfast Festive Special
  2.  Train no. 09707/09708 Bandra Terminus – Shri Ganganagar
  3.  Train no. 02474/02473 Bandra Terminus – Bikaner Superfast Festive Special
  4.  Train no. 02489/02490 Dadar – Bikaner Superfast Festive Special
  5.  Train no. 04818/04817 Dadar – Bhagat Ki Kothi Festive Special
  6.  Train no. 09271/09272 Bandra Terminus – Patna Superfast Festive Special
  7.  Train no. 02913/02914 Bandra Terminus – Saharsa Festive Special
  8.  Train no. 02929/02930 Bandra Terminus – Jaisalmer Superfast Festive Special
  9. Train no. 09027/09028 Bandra Terminus – Jammu Tawi Festive Special
  10.  Train no. 09017/09018 Bandra Terminus – Haridwar Superfast Festive Special
  11. Train no. 09019/09020 Udhna – Chhapra Festive Special
  12.  Train no. 02983/02984 Indore – Jaipur Superfast Festive Special
  13.  Train no. 09451-09452 Gandhidham – Bhagalpur Festive Special

Central Railways revised list of Special Trains

Official Tweet by Central Railways

Western Railways revised list of Special Trains

Official Tweet by Western Railways

Train no. 02922 Flying Ranee Superfast Express Special train will arrive at Mumbai Central station at 09.50 am instead of 09.55 am w.e.f  December 1, 2020.

For any further detailed information on running special trains extended services, passengers may also visit 

(25/11/20)-  Urgent Update: Indian Railways has canceled 12 Festive Special Trains till December 1, 2020. Must read!

The Indian Railways recently caught the attention of many travellers who had planned their journeys back after celebrating popular festivals, like Deepawali, Dussehra, Chhath Puja.  If you are also someone who has booked a train journey with the Northern Railways, then this information is important for you. 

Due to some technical and security reasons with ongoing farmer agitation, the North-western railway has canceled a few daily trains till December 1, 2020. Here’s the list:

1. 02422 Jammu Tawi-Ajmer daily from 24.11.20 to 30.11.20

2. 02421 Ajmer- Jammu Tawi daily from 25.11.20 to 01.12.20 3. 

3. 04888 Barmer-Rishikesh daily from 24.11.20 to 30.11.20 4. 

4. 04887 Rishikesh-Barmer daily from 25.11.20 to 01.12.20 5. 

5. 04520 Bathinda – Delhi daily from 24.11.20 to 30.11.20 6. 

6. 04519 Delhi-Bathinda daily from 24.11.20 to 30.11.20

7. 02471 Sriganganagar-Delhi daily from 24.11.20 to 30.11.20

8. 02472 Delhi-Sriganganagar daily from 24.11.20 to 30.11.20

9. 09611 Ajmer-Amritsar bi-weekly on 26.11.20 and 28.11.20

10. 09614 Amritsar-Ajmer bi-weekly on 27.11.20 and 29.11.20

11. 09613 Ajmer-Amritsar Bi-Weekly on 23.11.20, 25.11.20 & 30.11.20

12. 09612 Amritsar-Ajmer Bi-Weekly on 24.11.20, 26.11.20 & 01.12.20

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(20/11/2020) – Special trains canceled/ short terminated by Indian Railways due to the ongoing Farmer Agitation in Punjab. Here’s what you need to know!

Farmer groups in Punjab have been protesting against the new Farm Laws by blocking the railway tracks in several locations not allowing passenger or even goods trains to pass. There is an uncertainty to when the rail blockade will end therefore Indian Railways recently announced the cancellation/ short termination of certain special trains. Here’s the list: 

Cancelled Trains

Train no. DateTrain Route 
0291920/11/20Dr. Ambedkar Nagar – Shri Mata VaishnoDevi Katra Spl
0292022/11/20Shri Mata VaishnoDevi Katra Spl – Dr. Ambedkar Nagar 

Short-Terminated Trains

Train No. DateTrain Route 
0290319/11/20Mumbai Cent. – Amritsar Spl will Short terminate at Ambala Cantt.
0290420/11/20Amritsar Spl – Mumbai Cent. will Short Originate from Ambala Cantt. instead of Amritsar
Train No.DateTrain Route
0292519/11/20Bandra (T) – Amritsar Spl will Short terminate at Ambala Cantt
0296221/11/20Amritsar Spl – Bandra (T) will Short Originate from Ambala Cantt instead of Amritsar

Click Here to read the Official Tweet from the Western Railways on trains cancellations and short termination.

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(12/11/2020) – New Update!! Few Festival/ Special trains have been diverted/ cancelled. See full list ->

Are you planning a train trip this festive season? Well then here’s an important Indian Railways update for you. Railways had earlier announced the commencement of Festival, special trains for diwali and Chhath puja celebrations. However, due to certain reasons, a few of the running trains have been diverted or cancelled.

North Western Railways

Cancelled trains details

Trains between Amritsar-Ajmer-Amritsar, Delhi-Sriganganagar-Delhi, Rishikesh- Barmer-Rishikesh, Delhi-Bathinda-Delhi have been cancelled.

West Central Railway 

Cancelled trains details

Trains running from Kota-H.Nizamuddin, H.Nizamuddin-Kota, Kota-Udhampur have been cancelled by the railways due to the ongoing Gurjar agitation near Hindaun City and Bayana Junction.

Western Railways 

Western Railways trains have been affected by a large number of trains being cancelled or diverted. Due to the ongoing Gurjar agitation in Rajasthan and Kisan agitation in Punjab.

Diverted trains details

Train no. DateTrain NameNew diverted route
0093611.11.2020Palwal-Ahmedabad Parcel SplPalwal – Delhi – Rewari – Jaipur – Palanpur
0094911.11.2020Okha-Guwahati Parcel SplSawai Madhopur – Jaipur – Bandikui – Bharatpur – Agra Fort
0292511.11.2020BDTS-Amritsar SplNagda-Sant Hirdaram Nagar-Bina-Mathura
0901711.11.2020BDTS-Haridwar SplSawai Madhopur-Jaipur-Rewari

Cancelled trains details

Here’s a complete detailed list of Spl trains under Western Railways that have been cancelled or short-terminated. Click on the official tweet below for full information!

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Indian Railways, Mumbai: 610 more suburban trains have started services from November 1, 2020

  • 314 suburban services are added by the Central Railway to the already existing 706 trains, making it 1020 services in total.
  • 296 suburban services are added by the Western Railway to the already existing 704 trains, making it 1000 services in total.

Indian Railways recently announced services of more special suburban trains in Mumbai. Central Railway and Western Railway zones will together operate 610 additional trains. 

The suburban trains, also known as the local trains are considered the heart of Mumbai and many are dependent on these running local trains. Keeping this in mind, Railways has allowed passengers to travel in suburban trains in a staggered manner. 

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted, “Railways to run 610 more daily Special Suburban Services in Mumbai from 1st November, taking the total number of services to 2020.” This will help maintain social distancing, avoid overcrowding & enhance passenger convenience.”

Earlier, only 704 Special suburban trains were running for Essential Services Staff. The increase in the number of these daily trains will help maintain social distancing and avoid overcrowding.

Although the fight against the novel coronavirus has not yet ended, Indian Railways urge travellers, commuters to take precautionary measures to keep themselves safe and follow railway rules laid down by the government like, reach station at least 90 minutes before the train’s departure, cover your face using face mask, only come to the station if you have a confirmed journey ticket, wait-listed passengers will not be allowed to enter the station, bring your own food, water and other consumables for a complete contactless journey. Medical and social protocols mandated for COVID-19 should be followed by all travellers.

(29/10/2020): Indian Railways – 46 more Special Trains to run for Diwali & Chhath Puja Celebrations 2020. Book your train today!

Diwali Celebrations, Chhath Puja and many more festivities are right around the corner. In light of the upcoming festivals and expected rise in train passenger rush, Indian Railways has decided to run 46 (23 pairs) more special trains for everyone’s safe, comfortable and happy journey. All 46 trains will go to different districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

These 46 Special trains will run in addition to the earlier announced 100 festival special trains. All festival special trains will run between Navratri and Diwali .i.e. 20th October to 30th November.

Here’s the complete list of 46 (23 pairs) more special trains. Book your train now, and confirm your train ticket with RailYatri. 

1. 04404/04403 Anand Vihar Terminal-Bhagalpur-Anand Vihar Terminal Super Fast Special

2. 04406/04405 New Delhi-Barauni-New Delhi Super Fast Special

3. 04408/04407 New Delhi-Darbhanga-New Delhi Super Fast Special

4. 04092/04091 New Delhi-Jaynagar-New Delhi Express Special

5. 04030/04029 Delhi-Muzaffarpur-Delhi Bi-Weekly Super Fast Special Express

6. 04410/04409 New Delhi-Patna-New Delhi Super Fast Special Express

7. 04412/04411 Delhi Jn-Saharsa – Delhi Jn Bi-weekly Super Fast Special Express

8. 04624/04623 Amritsar-Saharsa-Amritsar Bi-Weekly Super Fast Special Express

9. 02422/02421 Jammu-Ajmer-Jammu-Jammu Super Fast Express Special (Daily)

10. 02237/02238 Varanasi-Jammuutvi-Varanasi Super Fast Special Train (Daily)

11. 04041/04042 Delhi Jn-Dehradun-Delhi Jn Express Special

12. 02231/02232 Lucknow-Chandigarh-Lucknow Weekly Super Fast Express Special Train (Daily)

13. 02448/02447 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Manikpur-Hazrat Nizamuddin Super Fast Special (Daily)

14. 04503/04504 Kalka-Shimla-Kalka Express Special (Daily)

15. 09717/09718 Jaipur-Daulatpur Chowk-Jaipur Special Express (3 days a week)

16. 04887/04888 Barmer-Rishikesh-Barmer Special Express (Daily)

17. 04519/04520 Delhi Jn-Bathinda-Delhi Jn Special (Daily)

18. 02471/02472 Sriganganagar-Delhi Jn-Sriganganagar Special (Daily)

19. 09611/09612 Ajmer-Amritsar-Ajmer Express Special

20. 09613/09614 Ajmer-Amritsar-Ajmer Express Special (2 days a week)

21. 02191/02192 Jabalpur-Haridwar-Jabalpur Super Fast Express Special (weekly)

22. 02530/02529 Lucknow-Patliputra-Lucknow Super Fast Express Special (5 days a week)

23. 02165/02166 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Gorakhpur-Lokmanya Tilak Super Fast Express Special (2 days a week)

(14/10/2020): In this Festive season, Railways will run 392 more Festival Special trains!

Predicting the passenger rush during the upcoming festive season, Indian Railways decided to run 196 pairs (392 trains) “Festival Special” trains from 20th October to 30th November 2020.

These Festival Special trains will run in all popular destinations across the country such as Kolkata, Patna, Varanasi, Lucknow, and many other cities. These 196 pairs of trains will offer service to the growing passenger rush in the holiday period of Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, and Chhatt Puja. These trains will have mandatory AC coaches keeping in mind the safety of all passengers.

Here’s a full list of the 196 pairs of Festival Special Trains. The scheduling of these trains will be announced soon. Stay tuned to RailYatri App for updates! 

IRCTC Festival Special Trains List

Travellers can book tickets easily online or through PRS ticket counters. Recently, in the month of October itself, the Indian Railways had approved services of 39 more special trains which too will operate successfully along with the 392 Festival Special trains.

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(10/10/2020): Good News! This festive season, Railways will run 39 more Special trains starting October 2020

Attention train passengers! Indian Railways travel and ticket booking will be a lot easier as the Railway board has approved operations of 39 more special trains from October 2020.  26 air-conditioned special train services with sleeper accommodation and 13 air-conditioned special train services with seating arrangements have been identified by the Railway Ministry. 

Here is the list of new special trains that are to be introduced:

1) Train number 12171/12172 bi-weekly AC Express from Lokmanya Tilak to Haridwar

2) Train number 22121/22122 weekly AC Express from Lokmanya Tilak to Lucknow

3) Train number 22123/22124 weekly AC Express from Ajni to Pune

4) Train number 22125/22126 weekly AC Express from Nagpur to Amritsar

5) Train number 12519/12520 weekly AC Express from Kamakhya to Lokmanya Tilak

6) Train Number 12551/12552 weekly AC Express from Kamakhya to Yesvantpur

7) Train Number 12551/12552 weekly AC Express from Nizamuddin to Pune

8) Train Number 22411/22412 weekly AC Express from Anand Vihar to Naharlagun

9) Train Number 22461/ 22462 daily AC Express from New Delhi to Katra

10) Train Number 14805/14806 weekly AC Express from Barmer to Yesvantpur

11) Train Number 12773/12774 weekly AC Express from Secunderabad to Shalimar

12) Train Number 12775/12776 tri-weekly AC Express from Lingampalli to Kakinada Town

13) Train Number 12783/12784 weekly AC Express from Secunderabad to Visakhapatnam

14) Train Number 22807/22808 bi-weekly AC Express from Santragachi to Chennai

15) Train Number 22863/22864 weekly AC Express from Howrah to Yesvantpur

16) Train Number 20601/20602 tri-weekly AC Express from Chennai to Madurai

17) Train Number 22903/22904 tri-weekly AC Express from Bandra (T) to Bhuj

18) Train Number 22805/22806 weekly AC Express from Bhubaneshwar to Anand Vihar

19) Train Number 12281/12282 weekly AC Duronto from Bhubaneshwar to New Delhi

20) Train Number 12263/12264 bi-weekly AC Duronto from Nizamuddin to Pune

21) Train Number 12221/12222 bi-weekly AC Duronto from Howrah to Pune

22) Train Number 12269/12270 bi-weekly AC Duronto from Chennai to Nizamuddin

23) Train Number 20503/20504 weekly Rajdhani from Dibrugarh to New Delhi

24) Train Number 20505/20506 bi-weekly Rajdhani from Dibrugarh to New Delhi

25) Train Number 12953/12954 daily Rajdhani from Mumbai Central to Nizamuddin

26) Train Number 12247/12248 weekly Yuva Express from Bandra to Nizamuddin

(9/10/2020): Now book IRCTC train tickets 5 minutes before train departure time. Here’s all you need to know! 

Train ticket booking, seat availability will now be available 30 minutes to 5 minutes before trains’ actual time of departure. Indian Railways has finally announced the restoration of an old system (PRS) of Second Reservation Chart 30 minutes before the departure time of all running special trains.

Here’s all you need to know! 

  1. The second reservation charts will be prepared 30-5 minutes before the scheduled departure of special trains from stations.
  2. From tomorrow (October 10, 2020) Travellers can book train tickets until Second Reservation Chart is prepared. 
  3. Travellers can book train tickets online and also from Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counters.
  4. Train tickets can also be canceled during this time, as per the railway refund rules.
  5. This festive season, Indian Railways has already announced operations of 39 new special trains starting October 2020. The exact dates will be announced soon!

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(24/09/2020): Good News for travellers: Railways may announce 100 new special trains in October for the festive season!

The much-awaited festive season is approaching including Dussehra, Navratri, Diwali, Bhai Duj, and Chhath pooja; Indian Railways is expecting a surge in the number of trains ticket bookings. An announcement of 100 new trains is expected by next month.

In India, travelling on trains is the most common and preferred mode of travel for covering larger distances. Every year during the festive season in the country, the surge in travel demand is always higher than the entire year. Keeping this in mind, the Indian Railways is assuming high demand in train bookings again in the upcoming festive season in October, 2020, hence decided to add 100 more new special trains very soon.

Earlier in September, Indian Railways had announced services of 40 clone trains in addition to the already running 310 special trains. The 40 clone trains are running one to two hours ahead of the departure of 310 special trains with limited stoppages and operational halts.

From these 40 trains, 10 trains will operate between Bihar and Delhi under the East Central Railways. These trains will originate and terminate in Bihar at Saharsa, Rajendra Nagar, Rajgir, Darbhanga, and Muzaffarpur. The two trains operating under the Northeast Frontier Railway are also from Bihar route: Katihar Delhi.

The Northern Railway will also run 10 trains which will operate between DelhiBihar, West Bengal to Delhi, Punjab to West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh to Delhi.

The South Central Railway will operate two trains between Danapur BiharSecunderabad. The South Western Railway will operate 6 trains between Goa and Delhi, Karnataka – Bihar and Karnataka – Delhi.

The Western Railway will run 10 trains between Bihar – Gujarat, Delhi – Gujarat, Bihar to Gujarat, Mumbai – Punjab, Gujarat – Bihar.

(17/09/2020): Railways will introduce 40 clone trains; services to begin from Sep 21: Check full trains list

  • The 40 clone special trains (20 pairs) will provide service starting September 21, 2020. 
  • These clone trains will run on notified timings and limited stoppages. 
  • The advanced period of these trains will be 10 days

Indian Railways has announced to run 40 clone (duplicate) trains from September 21 due to the high demand on few specific routes. These trains are to run at least two hours early to the already running 310 special trains. These clone trains will run fully reserved with limited stoppages being limited to operational halts. 

The reservation period of these clone trains will be 10-days. The announcement of more trains running has brought relief to waitlisted passengers on routes with a high demand for train travel. 

Official tweet by Ministry of Railways

“Considering the huge demand for travel on specific routes, Ministry of Railways has decided to run 20 pairs of Clone Special trains (list annexed in the link below) from 21.09.2020 (sic),” the Ministry of Railways said in a statement.

Here’s the detailed list of 20 pairs (40 trains) of clone trains:

Complete list – 40 clone special trains

The Railways earlier started 230 special trains with full services across the country, and later added 80 more special trains from September 12. 

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