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“The whole point of collaboration is that you give and take from each other, and that’s how you create things that are totally new.” – Virgil

Yes, we collaborate with you to bring about accuracy to our live train status updates. You provide us with your GPS location, whereby we are able to show you the exact location of the train. So, our live train status feature is POWERED BY YOU. But the next logical question on your mind would be: apart from getting most accurate live train status, what more do I gain from providing my GPS based live location?

Well, today we come with answers to exactly this question. We are proud to be RailYatrians, and you know why? Because we never rest on our laurels, we are hungry and eager to use every data for the greater good of the train passengers around the nation. So, when you enable us to track live train status through your phone’s GPS, we make it a point to store, analyze and use that data to make your forward journeys better. How? You have to read on to know that.

Streamlining Data to achieve AMAZING outcomes!

When you track a train using your GPS, you provide us heaps of data and the funny thing about data is that it can be discarded (whereby it serves no positive purpose). Secondly, you can streamline it and come up with great insights. At RailYatri we have created some amazing features, at the heart of which lies the GPS based information you provide us. And when we tell you about these features, you will surely admire the outcomes we have achieved. Each of the below mentioned features makes your journeys simple, safe and hassle free in some way or the other.

RailYatri app features that rely on live train status

#1: GPS Based Alarm

GPS Wake up Alarm

Train journeys are a welcome reprieve from the busy schedule of normal life. Logically then most passengers like to take ample rest. But when your destination station is scheduled to arrive in the middle of the night or during the wee hours of morning, you cannot afford to fall asleep. Think so? Well, RailYatri’s GPS based alarm feature allows you forget such tensions. Based on your GPS based live train status, we will aware you 25 KM ahead of your scheduled departure station, with this feature. It will give you plenty of time still to freshen up, arrange for your luggage and then move towards the gates.

#2: Network Coverage

Mobile Network coverage

If the first feature was meant for passengers wanting some rest during their journeys, this feature is quite contrary in purpose. Not all journeys are meant for leisure, there are many people journeying to meet their professional commitments. And most of them are so busy going that they have to finish off many important tasks while on-board a train. For this they need good Internet connectivity. But not all parts of India are blessed with good Internet infrastructure. So, we incepted the Network Coverage feature that tells you the kind of Internet connectivity you can anticipate on the route you are travelling. It helps you plan and save your work.

#3: Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

Even the thought of falling sick midway through train journeys seems like a nightmare! But health is something that you can predict. At RailYatri we believe it is always wise to stay prepared for medical emergencies. And that is exactly the support our Medical Emergency feature gives you. We know the exact location of your train, courtesy your GPS location, so when you need medical help all you have to do is tap on the feature and you will get a complete list of the medical facilities at the upcoming stations. The list of medical facilities we have compiled are situated near the railway stations, so that the patient does not have to travel more to reach the actual medical care center. We have provided the exact address as well as contact details of the hospital and its ambulance facility to quicken the process.

#4: Rail Radar

Rail Radar

If you have a curious mind, you would always be interested in knowing the trains that pass you by during your journey. Well, we take your curiosity very seriously and that is why about 5 years ago we conceptualized the Rail Radar feature. One of the pioneer features of RailYatri, Rail Radar helps you understand the trains that are running nearby on a live map.

#5: Meals on Train

Meals on train

Delivering food on a train is always challenging. Our restaurant partners have to match their delivery schedule in accordance with the live running status of the train. So, we decided to provide them with the GPS based live train status that you provided us. This makes sure that your food delivery guy is waiting at the station with a smile on his face and a parcel in his hand right when your train chugs in. Today, live train status is at the core of our successful food delivery process.

Now that you know, please keep using the RailYatri app to get accurate live train status updates. Also, do not hesitate to switch on the GPS to get the most accurate train tracking results. And in return we will help you travel better!


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