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Live train tracking



“Our live train status is truly LIVE”

Today, RailYatri’s live train status is rated as the most accurate train tracking mechanism in the nation. AND IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! Yes, our 24 lakh loyal users are the flag-bearers of this feature. And your willingness to share location with us, has helped cater accurate live train status information to many other passengers in need. As our live train status feature is POWERED BY YOU, so we thought it would be fitting to take you behind the scenes and tell you all about tracking a train live. Here it goes…


Let the numbers speak…

live train status

Here are some feats we have attained through a successful partnership with you.

  • During a typical day at RailYatri we process 5,000 live train status requests per minute! Just imagine how many train travelers use our information to make their journeys better each day!
  • More than 24 lakh train travelers depend upon the accuracy of our information to make their key travel decisions.
  • We process live train status requests from 20 million locations across the Indian Railway network per day.

All these feats would not be possible if we had not got your help and support. You have helped us cater live train status updates with 98% accuracy.

We help you track your train better!

Yes, we are just the Geek friends you never had! And this Geek friend tries to help you during your train journeys. So, when you check for your train’s status we tell you about the live train status right away. But we have to help hundreds of other friends in need as well, so we also tell convey the same information for their specific train status requests. Here’s how we gather and analyze the live train status:

#1: Your GPS data

Live train tracking

When you want to know about the real-time train status, we present you the option of switching on the GPS. GPS enabled tracking is most accurate mechanism of knowing about the live train status and your GPS information can help so many others in need of similar information as well! We fetch your GPS data to understand the minute-perfect location of the train and show the update to you. As simple as that!

#2: Your Cell Phone Network

What happens when you feel reluctant in switching on the GPS? Do we deprive you of the live train status then? Not at all, RailYatri is your app and you have the freedom to choose your actions. We do the next best thing in such a scenario. As you send us the request for live train status, we start scanning the network area you are presently located in. We match the cell phone tower used by your Internet provider and that gives us a good idea about your and your train’s present location.

#3: Creation of Virtual Stations/Points

Virtual Stations

One of the leading problems faced by our Tech team during the infancy days of live train tracking was the presence of Blackout Zones along the track. Now, what are these Blackout Zones? As per the typical Indian railway updates, updates can be done at stoppages along the journey route or the intermediate stations that fall during the journey. What happens when your train is situated between lengthy stretches between two intermediate stations? We have the answer to this problem. We have created more than 200,000 Virtual stations across the Indian railway network. With the help of these virtual points we can fetch status of a train even when it is in uncharted territory!

#4: When no app user is present on a train

Indian train

GPS or cell phone network data only comes into the equation when there is one of our RailYatri app users present within the train. So, your inquisitive mind cannot be faulted for raising the question: what happens when none such user is found? The chances of that are next impossible. There is more than 85% probability of at least one RailYatri user being present trains plying across India. So, you can remove this worry from your thoughts.

Have any other query about our live train status? Please write to us and we would definitely answer back to you ASAP.


  1. At times I observed live train app gives little bit wrong status..In my last visit i found that although the train left particular station the app shows it yet to arrive on that station…It’s a minor error but required to be updated correctly


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