Joy of travelling in Indian trains


When it comes to planning a vacation very few modes of transport can compare to the train expedition. No other form of travel can bring you closer to the ever so incredible India like an Indian train journey. Surely there are a few inconveniences along the way but the positives outweigh the negatives. What we get to see during our course of the journey in a train is unparalleled.

Here are bucket lists of benefits of travelling in Indian trains.

Meeting the real India

Meeting the real India: Train journeys in India bring you closer to your culture, to your people. Every companion you are travelling with has a different story. A train lets you sit across people. All kinds of them and be a part of their stories.

You get to travel next to waterfalls or jungles or amidst waves

 You get to travel next to waterfalls or jungles or amidst waves: Have you ever experienced the thrill when a fast chugging train passes through a tunnel, it evokes excitement in every heart or the view of the dense jungle during the monsoon or the waterfalls. It is not less than an adventure during train journeys. Isn’t it?

Real life Bollywood love stories unfold before you

Real life Bollywood love stories unfold before you: Train journeys are more than just journeys for us. It’s the best place for eyes to meet, for hearts to throb, for love to happen at the first glance.

Various cuisines

Various cuisines: From ‘allu puri to paratha’, from ‘aam ka achar’ to ‘Seasonal fruits’, we pack everything to eat for all the course of our meals. We never compromise on our ‘Ghar ka Khana’ even on trains, and if in case you are not carrying your Dabba, don’t worry, your co-passenger will never hesitate to offer his piece of delight.

Catch a running train

You can always catch a running train: It is dangerous, though, but once in a lifetime every Super Indian has experienced this and laughed later on his nuisance.

Much space to breathe

Much leg space : Tired of sitting in your seat, take a walk or lay at the upper berth or get down and take a stroll at the Railway station, you are always at your comfort level during a train journey.

Dealing with the musical snores

Dealing with the musical snores: Usually train journeys are the best for some to complete their quota of slumber. All they need is an upper berth and a pillow. The chugging of the train or the rhythmic chugging of the wheels does not affect them and all the co-passengers get to hear is the sound variations in their snores. It may be irksome sometimes but an experience in itself.

For the love of “Kulhad Wali Chai”

For the love of “Kulhad Wali Chai”: Waiting for the Kulhad wali chai is the best thing during a train journey. It is kind of a magical potion which literally brings you closer to your motherland, spreading the “Mithi Ki Khusboo” with every sip.

You get to relive your Childhood memories

You get to relive your Childhood memories: The excitement and the quarrel of kids for the window seat definitely make you remember your childhood clash with siblings, the favourite game of Ludo, Cards and comics remind us of those Summer vacations and bring a tinge of a smile. What more do you want?

You get to relive your Childhood memories

Sometimes you feel like moving on and on… : The journey is often so peaceful, you really don’t care about the destination. They are enchanting; they are mesmerizing and often create many memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Train journeys offer so much to each one of us. Are you still looking out for a reason to board the next train? Watch this video and get inspired: #MeriRailMeraDesh – RailYatri’s Tribute to Train Travel in India


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