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Golden temple Amritsar

Things to do at Golden Temple in Amritsar

Golden Temple touches the lives of all its visitors with its miraculous powers...

Hotels in Agra

Hotels with Best Taj Mahal views under Rs. 1000

Now, you can check into a hotel in Agra and enjoy amazing Taj Mahal views without leaving the room...

RAC Ticket

RAC ticket rules you never knew before!

There are many areas about RAC tickets, which the passengers are not aware of...


RailYatri flying high with 1crore MAU in 3 years

RailYatri is a “Made In India” App, built for long distance train & bus travel. In...

Books on train

Travellers now have their own ‘Library on Cloud’

RailYatri partners with Juggernaut Books to bring book reading fun for travellers.

Mysterious Places in India

10 Mysterious places that you won’t believe existed in India

India is full of mysterious places and stories spanning back over the centuries, that are just...

Indian train toilets

The Saga of Indian Train Toilets

Long train journeys would be unthinkable without the toilets. But did you know, when you are using...

Chef of Samastipur

A toast to the Master Chef of Samastipur

Samastipur is a small town which goes beyond century in time. However, there was always a dearth of...

Kitchari Katering - Kalyan Subbarao

RailYatri’s MasterChef – Journey from Coding to Cooking

Working on a completely different track and then all of a sudden being able to work on something you...


#MeriRailMeraDesh – RailYatri’s Tribute to Indian Railways

Indian railway network is not only one of the world’s largest networks, it is also the lifeline of...