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RailYatri Business

“Some of our important choices have a time line. If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone forever.” – James E. Faust

You do not have the luxury of time, when you have to plan an urgent business travel. Corporate travel plans have to be executed in the blink of an eye! And on such occasions you need a partner who can go the extra mile to fulfill your needs within a tight time-frame. RailYatri Business could be that partner, solving your organization’s travel needs.

Our service has been specifically designed to meet the business travel needs of organizations across India. Over the last three years we have simplified the business travel process of many esteemed brands with well-organized corporate travel bookings and support.

Removing the chaos from Corporate Travel

Used by 24 million travelers, today RailYatri has become a trusted name in the travel market, and known for its unique services. But we have gained this enormous popularity due to our zeal for solving travel problems of users across various walks of life. So, when we launched RailYatri Business service we felt that the corporate travel needs could be solved in a much smarter and organized manner. And the growing number of businesses who are aligning with us, today, support our conception. Our efficiency and steadfastness in corporate bookings has made our clients trust none else!

What is so lovable about RailYatri Business?

You ask and we have the answer ready. Our corporate clients write back to us with their feedback, and through those correspondences we understand that RailYatri Business has solved their travel requirements in the following ways.

#1: One mail is enough

RailYatri Business feature

We understand the value of immediacy. That is why we allot you a dedicated account manager as soon as you enroll for our services. Our account manager would be your single point of contact. So, you know whom to contact for any travel booking request, updates or issues. Our account managers work round-the-clock to fulfill your travel needs, however immediate they may be!

#2: Your own travel expert

RailYatri Business solution

Last minute train bookings can be filled with uncertainties. What if, we tell you that RailYatri has found a way of removing such uncertainties! Your tickets are booked by our experienced train ticket booking agents, who have historical data for reference to assure Confirmed berths for our business clients. By going through the historical data, our agents get important insights regarding the choice of trains, classes as well as journey dates (if that remains flexible). And that means, even last minute travel plans can be arranged comfortably by RailYatri!

#3: No overpricing, ever

RailYatri Business benefit

Whether you are seeking urgent travel bookings during the rush season or at the very last moment, we would not ask a single penny extra, than our pre-mentioned rates, to get your bookings done. Our pricing remains same all year round. This helps you save as much as 30% on your travel budgets.

#4: Book now and pay later

RailYatri Business billing

We believe in you, and that is why we have kept our billing cycles completely flexible. Corporate clients can book train tickets, bus seats or order meals on train with zero down payment. The payment can be done on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Furthermore, we can raise the bill to a person directly or to the organization, whichever is preferred.

#5: Track & Download whenever you need it

RailYatri Business solution

All our corporate partners are given ready access to their travel bills and booking history, through a smart back-end panel. This helps you analyze travel spending and download reports whenever you need them. We are also ready to customize your travel bills and reports to match them against your company policies. As an added incentive: we help your organization earn maximum GST savings with our billing process.

Want to partner with us? Reach out to us on feedback@railyatri.in in case you have any queries.


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