Ahmedabad Gets its 1st IntrCity Bus Boarding Lounge!

intrcity lounge

RailYatri launched its first IntrCity SmartBus lounge in Ahmedabad for a safe and convenient  before journey experience.   

After the successful launch of  two SmartBus lounge in Bangalore and Lucknow, IntrCity has now touched down in Ahmedabad at Paldi, and people are loving it!  The creative design of the IntrCity  delivers a superb customised lounge experience for all frequent travellers who deserve a stress free, comfortable and home-like space before boarding a bus. 

IntrCity  has taken utmost care for the comfort and safety of travellers. Here you will experience warmth and technology go hand in hand! meeting the needs and expectations of those who seek leisure. 

The IntrCity SmartBus lounge has an air-conditioned waiting area with free Wi-Fi connectivity. There is ample of comfortable seating space, recliners for taking power naps if needed and charging points. And find basic amenities like clean drinking water and toilets. The space also offers workstations for professionals.

IntrCity creatives and designs have been churning out some really outstanding personalised features not only for the smart bus but also for the lounge; giving a holistic experience that begins even before boarding the bus, till you reach your destination safely!

Hurry and come along! Experience the goodwill of  IntrCity.com  and comfort of well-being at the brand new SmartBus lounge in Ahmedabad.


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