IntrCity SmartBus Celebrates ‘Road Safety Month 2021’


The National ‘Road Safety Month’ was observed from 18th January 2021 to 17th February 2021 by the Government of India. The year 2021 road safety theme magnified on building awareness about road travel safety. 

At IntrCity SmartBus, we are proud to announce that we have safeguarded passengers’ security and safety at every step of each SmartBus journey. Travellers can put their trust in IntrCity SmartBus with every trip. Our skilled IntrCity team assures you a safe and secure travel experience each time! 

IntrCity SmartBus, the first of its kind with unmatched services for your secured trip! Here is how…

1. Bus Captain – Your personalised assistance on a SmartBus! Travel exclusively with IntrCity crew who undertake special training in safe journey practices. IntrCity motivates ‘professional fleet operators’ as a key factor in travel safety. Only after acquiring training and grooming in travel aesthetics, staff and drivers declared as ‘fit’ are certified to be what we call a ‘Bus Captain’. They undergo more training than any other usual bus staff or crew. Acquiring skills and willingness to obey and handle a variety of situations as our passengers expect a safe trip.

2. SmartBus Live Tracker feature; Track, Share & be Informed – IntrCity’s Live Tracking mobile app feature uses GPS technology to inform the exact location of your bus and when it will arrive at your stop. The fast & reliable real-time location provider is designed to make riding a bus easier and more accessible to everyone! You only need to type in your given PNR number to access the location of your bus. It’s THAT simple.

For safety concerns – Travellers can also share the exact location of the smart bus with their family, who can also keep track of the start/ end time of the trip or the bus route that is being followed. All IntrCity smart buses use this Live Tracking feature to share journey information and details for a smarter experience for all.

3. IntrCity Safe Boarding Lounges – The lounge is conveniently located with amenities that allow you to enjoy your waiting time. An air-conditioned seating space with Wi-Fi connectivity, comfy recliner chairs where you can even take a power nap before the journey. IntrCity lounge also offers you basic amenities like clean drinking water, charging points, toilets, workstations for professionals.

Safe & sanitized private lounges – travellers can wait at a safe distance inside clean lounges, away from contamination. Our lounges are super clean and are completely disinfected.

Our newly launched Boarding Lounge cities are – Lucknow, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & Delhi. While the upcoming cities are – Jalandhar, Amritsar, Chennai

4. IntrCity app communication support – SmartBus Travellers will have access to appropriate and regular communication both via IntrCity mobile app. Information on bus status and boarding location will be provided to passengers via live GPS tracking. For any further information or query, travellers can reach out to the IntrCity Central Command Center. The 24X7 Command Centre will maintain updated emergency contact numbers at originating & terminating city of travel.

5. IntrCity Travel Insurance – Now choose to Travel smarter & safer with IntrCity assured travel insurance which covers worth Rs 5 Lakhs for all SmartBus passengers on every journey. Just type in your PNR bus ticket number and your registered mobile number to avail of the service. 

6. IntrCity available on multiple routes – IntrCity SmartBUs is currently operating on multiple popular routes across the country. Some of the IntrCity top routes are:

Delhi <–> Lucknow
Delhi <–> Kanpur
Delhi <–> Amritsar
Delhi <–> Manali
Bangalore <–> Pondicherry
…and many more. Explore IntrCity SmartBus routes Here!

Bus journeys are the most fun-filled, especially in India where there is diverse scenic beauty across landscapes. At IntrCity we wish to continue these beautiful experiences of traveling on a smart bus along with keeping passenger safety in mind. So strap yourself in, because IntrCity SmartBus offers its travelers an end-to-end travel experience and branded in-bus features for a safer journey. Book Now!

Road Safety Week Theme 2021 – “Sadak Suraksha- Jeevan Raksha”

  • The 32nd National Road Safety Week 2021 is marked by the theme, ‘ Safe yourself to save your family’. Apply all the safety measures while traveling in a vehicle and always follow the traffic rules.
  • 31st National Road Safety week 2020 theme, ‘ No need to speed’. Severe accident issues or maximum accident cases are due to the speed of vehicles where people died on the spot.
  • 30th National Road Safety Week 2019 theme, ‘road safety is life safety’. Safety of the roads depends upon us to follow every rule of traffic or to improve infrastructure, then only our life will be out accident risk.
  • 2018- The department will spread awareness regarding traffic rules and dissuade people from using the banned synthetic string, popularly known as Chinese thread.
  • 2017- Your Security, safeguards your Family- Be warned on the Roads.
  • 2015 that was Develop a Secure Tradition for Better Supply Chain.
  • 2014 that was Walk for Road Security.
  • 2013 that was Be alert, don’t drink and drive.


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