RailYatri Launches IntrCity SmartBus Lounge at Lucknow


In India bus stands or bus stations are often considered as ‘not-so-pleasant’ places to wait. Given the extreme weather conditions in the country and sometimes long waiting hours, it proves to be a horrid experience for bus travelers if they have to wait. But no more! RailYatri thought of changing this scenario and it started with Lucknow by introducing the city to a brand new smart bus lounge by IntrCity.

The first-of-its-kind for the bus travellers, the air-conditioned lounge boasts of free WiFi, charging points for laptops and mobile phones, laptop workstations, clean washrooms, stretched out chairs and a tea & coffee machine.

IntrCity: India’s First SmartBus Service

RailYatri is India’s most loved multi-model intercity transportation platform and its recently launched IntrCity SmartBus service garnered immense love from the travellers. Safe and comfortable, these buses are tailor made for smart travellers like you. Loaded with features like CCTV, WiFi, In-bus Infotainment and amenities like clean blankets and pillows, mineral water, hand sanitizer and an attached toilet.

Presence of polite and aware staff adds to the joy of travel. IntrCity in more than one ways has redefined bus journeys in India.

The SmartBus Lounge at Lucknow

City of tehzeeb, Lucknow, welcomed the first SmartBus Lounge at the famous Awadh Chowk on June 19, 2019.


The IntrCity SmartBus Lounge is a well-thought through space designed especially for frequent business travelers, who can check-in well before the scheduled departure of their bus to avoid last minute rush. They can let their hair down a little over a glass of water and even wind up important official work over a cup of coffee or tea while waiting for their IntrCity SmartBus.

CEO Speaks

Speaking about the SmartBus Lounge, RailYatri’s CEO and Co-founder, Mr Manish Rathi, said, “Despite being one of the busiest routes, thousands of passengers were forced to wait for their bus in the open. As a responsible service provider, we thought of filling in the gap and solving this problem. With the launch of our SmartBus Lounge, we intend to give them a holistic experience, which starts from the time they arrive at the boarding point till they reach their destination safe and on time. A facility like this also gives them a sense of comfort, safety and exclusivity.”

Luxury Redefined

Having a capacity to accommodate up to 60 people at a given time, the IntrCity SmartBus Lounge boasts of special features, which have been designed keeping the smart traveller in mind. The Lounge is definitely more than ‘just a place to wait for a bus’.

  • Powerful air-conditioning

Keeping Lucknow’s extreme weather in mind, the Lounge is fully air-conditioned for your convenience. Be it the sultry summers or the humid monsoons or a chilly wintery afternoon, you will be taken care of when inside the Lounge.

  • Free Wi-Fi

For a seamless browsing experience the Lounge is Wi-Fi enabled. This is to keep your thumbs busy on your phone, tablet, or laptop, while waiting to board your bus, so that you can stay in touch with friends and family or finish that extra bit of work or simply browse the Internet.

  • Tea, Coffee & Water

Grab your cup of mojo to refresh yourself while waiting at the SmartBus Lounge with a tea and coffee vending machine and water point.

  • Mobile Charging Points

The Lounge is equipped with laptop and mobile charging zones and a carefully designed laptop workstation for professionals and students so your gadgets never run out of battery.

  • Clean Restrooms

No need to step out and use a road-side toilet as you can freshen up at a spick-and-span restroom designed especially for you at the IntrCity SmartBus Lounge. The restroom is clutter free, cleaned regularly and well lit.

  • Comfortable Chairs

Stretch yourself out at comfy chairs placed just for you at the IntrCity SmartBus Lounge. These chairs are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort.


And That’s Not All

There’s a booking counter at the SmartBus Lounge so that the customers can directly walk in, buy their tickets and unwind before they board their bus. You can find out about different fares for travelling the same day or in advance. You can also get travel assistance or make travel inquires at the counter.

So when do you plan to travel smart?

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