Indian Women can Now Travel with Confidence and Safety

Womens Safety with RailYatri

Indian culture has long been a cause of pride for Indians. One of the major ingredients of Indian culture in the bygone days was respect for women. Women were given their due respect in every aspect of life. But this noble ingredient of Indian culture seems to have vanished in the modern times. Women are now being harassed, assaulted and tortured. They are considered the weaker race, but that does not mean they deserve to live under a cloud of insecurity. There have been many instances of women harassment in train journeys.  Indian Railways is doing their bit to protect women travelling alone. But their efforts have been somehow hampered by the woeful shortage of RPF and GRPF staff. Indian Railways have arranged for Ladies only coaches for all trains (where men’s entry is punishable by law). But these coaches are located at the end of train and serve as an easy escape route for the miscreants. The Railways Minister, Suresh Prabhu had declared in a press conference some days back that the Ladies only coaches will be shifted to the middle of the train to protect women better.

But for now, women who are travelling alone need to seek their own protection. Modern Indian women are a symbol of confidence. At RailYatri we want to make sure that today’s women can travel in a train compartment with the same level of confidence as exhibited in other walks of life. This is why we have launched a special “GPS Locator” feature to ensure easy tracking of women passenger. Our GPS Locator gives real time and exact location of the passengers when they are travelling in a train. Once you board a train, the tracker will tell you where you are presently located in respect to past or next six stations. There is also a sharing mechanism with this feature that keeps your friends and relatives informed about your location.

6 Easy Steps to use RailYatri GPS Locator

GPS Locator from Home

GPS Locator Page 2

1. Download the RailYatri app from Google Play Store by using the link: or give a missed call on: 8080809551.
2. On the left side of the Home Screen you will find Menu option. Click on Menu and from the list of features select GPS Locator.
3. In the screen that opens you have to enter the Train Number/Name and Date of Journey. Once the information is added click on “Go”.

GPS Locator Tracking Info

GPS Locator WhatsApp

4. When the information is sent, you will be provided exact location and live train journey details. You can stay updated about Source station, Destination station, Distance covered and Distance remaining.
5. There is also an option to share your Current Location details with your friends/relatives on WhatsApp.

GPS Locator Profile Info

Location Info on Home

6. Once the information is added with your profile, it will appear on the Home screen and keep on auto updating.

So, ladies forget the insecurities and worries just enjoy the freedom of travelling alone. RailYatri is not only an app for PNR status check or Indian railways time table check; it is much more than that. It can be the best travel companion, keeping you updated about every vital aspect of your travel. Once you install the RailYatri app on your mobile, you can forget every travel worry.


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