Why Print Railways Tickets when you can Travel without Them?

Paper Wastage

Contribute to the “Go Green” Mission by not Printing Railways Tickets

2012 has passed us by! But is the catastrophe avoided? In my opinion it has not been. Global warming is a phenomenon that has a potential of bringing the world to an end in the coming days. While we are living in a planet that is dying, but still habitable, what legacy are we leaving for the coming generations? Not a promising one as such. When the summer temperatures sear, everyone feels the heat. But no one really bothers to do something for the planet’s sake. No one really feels it their responsibility to think a bit about the planet. Some would say – what change can a single person make? In fact one person can also make a change.

A recent statistics suggests that 9 million tons of paper is wasted in India every year. To make one tonne of paper, 17 trees have to be felled. So, you can calculate the amount of deforestation that goes into supplying for 9 million tons of paper. In spite of all efforts only 27% of used paper is recycled in India, which is way below other advanced countries of the world. One of the leading contributors to paper wastage is the railway tickets. Tens of thousands of paper tickets are issued to the passengers each day by Indian Railways. After the journey is completed, the worth of this ticket comes to null and yet tress were felled to manufacture this paper!

Tons of paper can be saved by going digital way with the tickets. Printing of tickets is a mere wastage of paper and our natural resources which can be easily avoided. There are many problems with printed tickets too. In the rush of it all, many passengers forget to carry their tickets from home and face embarrassment. When the ticket is available in your mobile phones, it cannot be forgotten and erases one checklist item.

Digital ticket preview of RailYatri not only provides utility, but is an environment friendly move too. It is an impetus for modern Digital Indians to shun printing tickets and carry their tickets digitally. You can now show the tickets to the TT even when you are not carrying any printout. With a few clicks you can view the e-ticket and its status.

Steps to use Digital Ticketing on RailYatri


Dont Print Tickets 1

Dont Print Tickets 2

1. Download the RailYatri app from Google Play Store by using the link: rytr.in/ or give a missed call on: 8080809551.
2. Once downloaded, click on the “Menu” on the left panel of Home screen and then select “PNR Status” from the list of options.
3. Enter the PNR Number and then click on “Go”.

Dont Print Tickets 3

Dont Print Tickets 4

4. The screen that opens will contain relevant journey details such as Train Name, Train Number, Class, Journey From and Journey To.
5. To view the status of Confirmed PNR and other passenger details you can click on “Passenger Details” and the screen that opens will contain information regarding the confirmed ticket, digitally.

There are many other useful features of RailYatri app. Whether you need information regarding trains between two stations or a PNR status check, there are features that will help you get results easily. There is an innovative Fare Calculator, which helps you get a detailed break-up of the total ticket fare. This app has been created keeping in mind the needs of the passengers. In other words: the features of this app are dictated by demands of modern Indian rail travellers. We want to make rail travel a memorable experience.


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