5 Tips to Travel Safely by Train during the Heat Wave?

Train Travel during Heat Wave

In the last few weeks the heat wave that is sweeping across length and breadth of India has become fatal. So far, the existing heat wave has claimed over 500 lives across India. Worst hit is the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where the death toll is over 188. Khammam in Telangana has so far recorded the highest temperature of 48 degree Celsius, closely followed by Allahabad at 47.7 degrees and Nandigama in Andhra Pradesh with 47 degrees is third in terms of temperature.

This is also the peak travel time, due to the Summer Vacations at educational institutions, so putting off the scheduled trips is not a feasible option. There are other important engagements due to which travel becomes inevitable, despite the heat wave. Some people just travel in hope of escaping to a hill station, and spending some days of solace there.

So, travelling cannot be avoided even during the searing summer heat. Though, some precautions should be taken to keep yourself fit and fine after a hectic train travel during heat wave. In this blog some essential health precautions while travelling in train are discussed.

Stay Cool in the Heat

Packaged Drinking Water at Stations


1. Clothes: Always wear light fitting and light colour clothes for your travel. Make sure that the garments you wear allow air to circulate against the skin. White coloured light fitting clothes are a preferable option for train travel during the summer months. Do not worry about these clothes getting dirty. Washing them clean is much more preferable then the discomfort for many days or hours. If you do not have such clothes, then go shopping. As it is the most essential of railways travel during summer months.
2. Hydration: To avoid sunstroke and other such problems you should keep yourself well hydrated throughout the train travel time. With excessive sweating and absorption of bodily fluids during the summer months, it is your responsibility to keep the body fluid balance proportionate. Some people carry water from their homes, this might be a fitting solution if the travel time is limited. In other instances, when you have to travel for days or hours, the best solution is to use bottled water. Make sure that the packaged drinking water belongs to a reputed brand. Also check the seal of the bottle never buy unsealed bottle or fill water from the station taps. Water contaminated diseases are a common threat for passengers during the summer months.


Fans not working in trains
3. Report Problems: If the fan is not working, or the windows are not opening you should take action. Indian Railways has a range of bogies to support their network. Some of these bogies are really old or broken. In many trains the fans do not work or windows are broken. You can immediately lodge a complaint to the coach attendant, guard, TTE, RPF staff or other railways staff in sight. The railways staffs are bound to address the problem as soon as possible. It can be hellish to travel in a train during such temperatures without a fan or open window.
4. Food: Summer is also a time which does not auger well for the human digestive system. There are many food borne diseases which affect the travellers. This is why passengers should not consume cut fruits available with roadside vendors. If at all you want to eat fruits, buy them on whole and then wash these well and peel the upper skin off. If you have to buy breakfast, lunch or dinner from the station side stations, make sure that the stall is clean and food is served hot. You can order from reputed caterers such as Travel Khana and RailTiffin.com using the RailYatri app. Food of your choice will be delivered in your compartment.

Hand Fan Seller at Station
5. Hand Fans: These small items weigh their weight in gold when you are travelling in train. You can wave your hand feel a fresh breeze around you. It is refreshing. Hand fans come at low costs and are available at any major station. Buy this and buy some relief from the heat.

These small precautions while travelling you can keep yourself away from the hassles of travelling during the summer season. Travelling in the air conditioned compartments is advised during the summer months. But there are only a limited number of air conditioned coaches and seats, so plan in advance and check for trains between two stations to have more options at hand. Also keep an eye on the Indian railways time table to know about the special trains that are often announced to beat the rush. You can plan for your travel well with the RailYatri app, as well as learn about various precautions to take during travels by following this blog. To download the app visit the Google Play Store link: rytr.in/and or give a missed call on: 8080809551.


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