How is RailYatri solving Jain food problems during train journeys?

Jain food

At RailYatri we have always endeavored to solve the problems of Indian travelers. One such problem that has long impacted the journeys of Indians is the unavailability of authentic Jain food in train. The core principle of Jainism is non-violence. Jains believe that their actions should not have any negative impact on the other living things around (including animals, organisms and plants). This is why the Jain cuisine has to abide by a list of food restrictions. While the Jain cuisine is purely vegetarian in its core, but there is a twist. The Jain faith followers cannot consume common vegetables such as potatoes, onions, garlic, etc. Why? Because these are root vegetables and when you uproot them the plant dies, and that is seen as cruelty against plants as per the Jain philosophy. Jains cannot use butter or honey in their recipes, as the extraction of honey and milk is seen as cruelty against animals.

In the past, these food restrictions made train journeys a challenging experience for the Jains. But RailYatri is set to change all that. Here is how we have countered the common Jain food on train problems.




Problem #1: Dinner deliveries before sunset

RailYatri food on train

Solution: At RailYatri we make it a point to stay punctual about food delivery timings. This means that Jains can schedule their dinner deliveries before sunset hours and get delicious meals delivered to their berths well within time! As per the Jain religion, one cannot have food after sunset, as it is believed that insects or organisms cannot be identified after the sun goes down. While this restriction caused a lot of concern in the prior days, RailYatri can deliver pure Jain thali well before sunset so that you can meet your hunger cravings as well adhere to the religious norm.

Problem #2: Consumption of food stored overnight

Special Jain food

Solution: In the days before food on train delivery apps and websites, such as RailYatri, entered into the frame Jain travelers had to satiate their hunger with either home cooked food (packed in their tiffin boxes) or rely on the station side hawkers. In both these practices, they were risking with a Jain food restiction. As per the Jain food dictate: the followers cannot have any food that has been stored overnight. When you order a Jain thali (or any other food) through RailYatri we make it a point that freshly cooked food (with fresh ingredients) is served to the travelers. This has helped hundreds of Jain travelers stay high on hygiene and adhere to their religious practices.

Problem #3: Food with butter and honey!

Jain recipes

Solution: As the Jain texts clearly suggest: Jains cannot have four Maha-vigai (wine, flesh, butter and honey). But then if you are passing through the Northern or even eastern stretches of India, you would find a widespread use of butter in most dishes. While in the North-eastern India, honey is used extensively used to make the meals taste all the more sweet. Such cooking practices posed serious problems for the Jain travelers. But we have eradicated all that, with our specially curated Jain menu. We have made sure that the Jain Thali does not contain anything that needs butter, honey or root vegetables in its preparation. Our chefs are given special training on Jain meal preparation to make sure your food is completely in line with the religious views.

Problem #4: Omission of leafy vegetables during Paryushana

Paryushana food

Solution: The streamlined menu of Jains is further cut short during the annual holy event of Paryushana. During this 10-8 day long festival the Jains cannot have any leafy vegetables. With a lack of understanding, in the prior days, most food providers did not account for this factor. We at RailYatri make sure that during the months of August and September (when the Paryushana is generally celebrated across India) we omit the leafy vegetables alongside the root vegetables from our Jain food menu.



Problem #5: No alternative for station side cut fruits

Jain fruit salads

Solution: For a long time the station side fruit hawkers were the lifeline for the Jain travelers. Fruits are an important part of the Jain diet and they relied heavily on such hawkers. While the station side hawkers would serve those fruits, it was the least hygienic thing to have. But left without choice the Jain travelers had to take this into their stride. But, RailYatri is here with a solution for this problem too. Look through our menu and you will find many Salad options. The cut fruits delivered to your train’s berth would be fresh and hygienic.

Problem #6: Lack of food options

Jain thali

Solution: Unlike other travelers, Jains have always had to compromise with their food preferences while traveling. Without many choices, they have to consume boring food. All that is about to change if you are ordering food from RailYatri. We have a rich menu for the Jain travelers. There are many types of dishes that would suit your taste buds and more importantly your religious practices.


So, the next time you travel, do order Jain food offerings from RailYatri.


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  1. Good tips. I like it. There is lot of problems to have a good meal during the train journey. So one should make pre-preparation to resolve above defined problems while opting for train trip.


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