Best Healthy tips to eat right while travelling


By: Farah Arfeen, Nutritionist & Certified Metabolic Balance Coach, AktivHealth Rehabilitation Centre


Travellers commonly complain that they can’t eat healthy while on travel. The good news is that with a little planning and common sense, you can eat healthy and filling meal while travelling and maintain the good habits you follow at home. Below are some healthy tips which may help you to stay healthy during your travel.


1) Easy hygienic snacks:

To avoid unhealthy binging, it is best to have a good protein food item as your handy snack while travelling. Like a mix of muri (Puffed Rice) with roasted chana, peanut with chiwra, Khakhra with pudina chutney or sauce, fruits and vegetables with hummus. The best part is that now you can have some really light on belly food items on the train with RailYatri’s hygienic menu. Order Idli, Poha, Sandwiches or Upma and stay joyful and light without compromising on your health.



2) Mix-seed, Protein Punch


Dry fruits and seed mixtures like almonds, walnut, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds etc, are full of proteins and helps you to be full and energetic. Pack them in zip lock pouch and carry them along, you may also mix them with raisins and dry berries, dry figs or other dry fruits.


3) Fruity Treat

Things to eat while travelling


Travel food becomes handy when you carry some seasonal fruits like an apple, orange, grapes, pear- or whatever you like. It can also curb the feeling of eating unhealthy sugary food.



4) Finger Food:


Opt food which is less messy or food in a bite size. Like Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich, Paneer Roll, Peanut Butter Sandwich, spread on – whole wheat bread, etc. You can even order these quick snacky items with RailYatri, anytime on your train.


5) Hard Boiled Eggs:

healthy travel diet


These are easy to cook, full of protein and contain essential amino acids which help to stabilize blood sugar, improve energy levels and help to maintain weight. Eat egg as it is or makes egg roll/ egg sandwich by adding vegetables or herbs.


6) Stay fresh:


If one is not travelling in an AC coach then check the perishable and non-perishable food items and carry dry food items like dry Karela and chapatis, Stuffed Ladyfinger and chapatis, Dal stuffed roti or Dal/Besan Chilla, Missi roti and Curd ( easily available in desirable packing). Or why hassle of packing these food items from home, when you have RailYatri’s hygienic menu at your disposal? Order right away!


7) Set a list of foods to avoid:


This you need to set before you start your journey. If you are allergic to any food like gluten/ Lactose, avoid them completely. Also avoid simple Carbohydrates (maida), sugary drinks, fruit juices, sugary snacks, deep fried food, artificial sweeteners etc, as they may make you feel low/ lethargic.


8) Drink Enough Water:

What to consume while travelling

Water is very important for us, so do not forget to carry a water bottle with you. Do not let travel mess with your hydration.


9) Travel-Friendly accessories


Carry plate, spoons, knife, tissue, tea bags, water bottle, newspaper, etc. Finish food, clean the place and dump your waste properly.

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