Chandipur Beach and other Seaside Marvels of Balasore


Odisha is blessed with a marvelous Bay of Bengal coastline. This 485 KM long coastline mainly spans across Balasore to Ganjam districts of Odisha. And when we talk about such a beautiful coastline, you already know what that means for your travel scopes. Yes, Balasore in Orissa (Odisha’s earlier name) gives the travelers a scope to explore some of the best beaches in the state. And this is the perfect season to embark on an Orissa tour. So, let us go through some of the best beaches in Balasore, Orissa.


Chandipur Beach
The mysterious hide and seek beach of India

Chandipur sea beach

Chandipur Beach is unlike other beaches in India. It is better known as the hide and seek beach of India. The sea water, at this beach, recedes almost 5 KM away from the main shoreline during the low tide hours and returns back only when there is high tide. This mysterious receding of waters occurs at least twice every day. If you visit the Chandipur Beach, you can experience this unusual phenomenon first hand. You can even take a stroll along the empty shoreline during the low tide hours and do some beach combing. This beautiful beach in Balasore is decorated with a line of casuarina trees, golden sand dunes and the crystal clear water. Dusk hours turn the Chandipur beach into an almost heavenly abode. During the sunset, the ochre light of the setting sun spreads on the sand and transforms the beauty and ambience of the beach.

  • Must try: Beach combing is a special activity at this beach. When the water recedes you could find some pearls, seashells, tiny fishes and crabs lying on the beach.
  • Tip: Before you go out to swim inquire about the expected high tide and low tide timings. This is important given the hide and seek phenomenon of the sea.

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Talsari Beach
A Beach within a Beach

Talsari beach

Talsari Beach lies along the West Bengal and Odisha border. When you are at this beach, you will quickly realize that there is more of a Bengali flavor to the beach. Talsari Beach has become a great weekend destination for the dwellers of the neighboring state. The travelers to this beach are greeted by only an estuary rather than the sea! You will be able to view the shoreline at a distance. You have to take a short boat ride to a narrow sandy stretch of land, to keep your appointment with the sea. As the accounts of the locals go, the sea once stretched till the actual beach but it receded and today there is only an estuary left behind. However, the Talsari beach is very beautiful. It is lined by palm and coconut trees. You can easily catch glimpse of red crabs moving about the shores of Talsari beach.

  • Boat Ride costs: INR 20-50
  • Tip: Though the estuary might appear really easy to cross, but it is quite deep. So, use the boat service to reach the actual sea.

Kharasahapur Beach
Day out with Fishermen

Kharasahapur beach

Kharasahapur beach is the least explored beach in Balasore and that has helped the beach stay pristine. If you are looking for some solitude, coupled with fun then this is the beach to visit. The blue waters of the Bay of Bengal and the yellow sands offer a sensory delight. Nearby this beach there is the beautiful Mangala temple, which is worth a visit. But the prime attraction of the Kharasahapur Beach is a chance to spend time with the fishermen. You can visit the Fishermen’s Jetty, to book a fishing boat and embark on the sea to do some fishing in the traditional way. That sounds like fun, right?

  • Tip: As the beach does not get much tourist footfalls, so staying at the beach after evening is not recommended.



  1. Hello, thank you for the detailed blog about various tourist places in Balasore. I am sure, after reading this many people would plan a trip to this beautiful coastal town in Odisha. A visit to Balasore still remains as a beautiful travel memory for me.


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