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Paradip tourism

By Lopamudra Sahoo

The small city of Paradip, in Jagatsinghpur district, is well known for its port. Paradip Port, which is the largest commercial port in the east coast has made this small coastal city known to most Indians. But, there is more to Paradip than its well known Port. This marvelous city is adorned by the river Mahanadi one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other. Shorelines of Paradip are decorated with casuarinas plantations and sandy beaches, making the city emerge as one of the upcoming tourist destinations of Odisha. Now, that you want to know more, let us take you through the top tourist attractions of this coastal city.

Paradip beach

Paradip Beach

The tropical sun and the long stretches of sandy Paradip Beach are ideal to soak oneself in the beauties of nature. Beautiful scenes of sunrise and sunset make a day out at the beach really exciting. While at the beach you can go swimming, enjoy a stroll along the waves or take a camel ride. You can just sit back and enjoy the beauty around. The annual Bali Yatra or Sand Festival held in November is a big draw among tourists.

Paradip lighthouse

Paradip Lighthouse

This lighthouse, erected in 1987 near the Paradip Beach area, is one of the trademark sites of the city. If you like photography, this is a must visit attraction. Take the stairs to the top of this lighthouse and you will get panoramic views of the sea on one side and the Paradip city on the other. While there, just take a moment to enjoy the cool misty breeze sweeping your face! Before you leave, do care to taste some of the local delicacies available at the stalls near this lighthouse.

Marine aquarium

Marine Aquarium

Aquariums have become a common feature in many homes, but they cannot match the collection and grandeur of this large aquarium. This unique aquarium, situated near the Lighthouse, holds many rare species of fishes in its 28 large tanks. This is a must visit if you have any kids in the touring party.



If you want to enjoy mesmerizing sunset views, then head straight to this rock barrier. Sit on the rocks for a while and enjoy the splashing water touch your feet or spray some salty water on your face. This is a place that will help you reflect back and even make you thoughtful, even as you enjoy the best sunset ever.

Kaliki Temple

This tenth century temple of deity Kaliki, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is situated on the Cuttack – Paradip Highway. The marvelous architecture and quaint ambience of the temple pulls a lot of tourists.

Smruti udyana

Smruti Udyana

A garden that was built to honour the poor souls who lost their lives when a cyclone hit Paradip in late 1999, there is nothing sad about this place today. Decorated with musical fountains, terraced gardens and an artificial lake, this is one of the most frequented spots in the city. One of the prime attractions of this garden is the boat safari held on the lake.

Lord Jagannath temple

Lord Jagannath Temple

For all the religious minded people, this is a must visit temple in Paradip. Second in importance only to the Jagannath Puri temple, the annual Car Festival is celebrated with great fervor at this temple. During this festival, one can see thousands of devotees jostling to get an opportunity to pull the holy chariot. While at the temple, do care to taste the prasad. It is a treat for the taste buds.

So, this travel season give a try to this new P (Paradip) of Odisha tourist map!


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    • Hello Arindam,

      22813 – Santragachi – Paradip Weekly SF Express, that runs on Tuesdays, is a good train to take from Kolkata to reach Paradip.

  1. I had a business meeting in Paradeep. I couldn’t see all of these places but I have seen some of them. Had a wonderful evening at Paradeep Beach, my hotel ( Hotel Golden Anchor ) arranged a local escort who showed us some of these places. Paradeep looks like an untouched stone needs to be carved into a beautiful sculpture. Paradeep is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in Odisha. Once should visit at least once in their lifetime. Hopefully, we get some more business meeting there, this time surely will cover the rest of these places especially the lighthouse.


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