5 Heritage Eateries of Mumbai

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By Aakash Karnani

Mumbaikars love their food, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. From street foods like Vadapav and Pav Bhaji to fine dining eateries, there are many food options to explore in the commercial capital of India. If you are planning a visit to Mumbai, do not waste your taste buds by visiting a popular food chain. There are many heritage eateries in Mumbai that dish out food you will remember long after the trip is over. So, where to visit for these culinary delights? Well, read on and you will know.

Pancham Puriwala

1. Pancham Puriwala: If you want a delicious start to your day, then welcome to Pancham Puriwala. Formed in 1853, it is here that you get the most delicious plate of Aloo Bhaji and Puree. The taste is unparalleled. Though the place does not have much of an ambiance, but the taste of Pancham’s Puris attracts huge crowds every day. Situated at less than 300 m from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, this is one of the must visit breakfast destinations when in Mumbai.

K. Rustom Ice Cream

2. K. Rustom Ice Cream: K. Rustom Ice Cream is the most popular ice cream parlor in town. But did you know: this ice cream parlor was started as a chemist shop and general provision store with a small ice cream counter in 1953. Within a few years, the chemist shop vanished to give way to the ice cream parlor. Their ice cream sandwiches are a delicacy. If you are wondering what it is, then let us inform – it is a thick slice of ice cream (pick any flavor from their menu) sandwiched between two thin sheets of crisp wafers and served cold. Some of the must try ice cream sandwich flavors are Rum n Raisin, Peach Choco Nut and Walnut Crunch. K. Rustom’s Raspberry & Mango Delight ice creams are also very popular. This age old Iranian ice cream parlor is situated at Churchgate, about 3 km from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

Cafe Leopold


3. Cafe Leopold: Formed in 1871 as an oil store, this is easily the oldest cafe in town. Though the cafe was extensively damaged during 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, but it opened within 4 days of the incident. If you thought Cafe Leopold was only about having some evening snacks coupled with coffee, then you are wrong. This heritage cafe offers many main course delicacies. Their Chinese dishes and pastas are especially popular. Cafe Leopold is not only popular among Indian tourists but foreigners as well. The cafe is within 5 km of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

Sardar Pav Bhaji


4. Sardar Pav Bhaji: If you have come to Mumbai, you should definitely taste the Pav Bhaji. If you care for the best Pav Bhaji in the city, then Sardar Pav Bhaji is your destination. It serves yummiest and butter bathed Pav Bhaji. Their Pav Bhaji is very spicy and delicious. Amul Pav Bhaji is a specialty at this eatery. Sources tell us that more than 200 kg of Amul Butter is used to make the delicacy here. Apart from this dish other delicacies include Masala Pav Bhaji and Caramel Custard. Sardar Pav Bhaji is no more than 800 m from Mumbai Central railway station and remains open till 2 AM.



5. Bademiya: This famous Mumbai street food joint was started in 1946. Bademiya is the perfect destination if you are looking out for some delicious Kebabs. It has won many awards and accolades for serving perfect Mughlai Cuisine dishes. When you visit Bademiya always try Chicken Tikka roll, Baida roti, chicken biryani, mutton bhuna or Kheema preparations. Located in Colaba (about 5 km from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus), this restaurant is open quite late at night.


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