A toast to the Master Chef of Samastipur


Samastipur is a small town which goes beyond century in time. However, there was always a dearth of eating joints which could represent a contemporary blend of good taste and ambience to its visitors.

While Bharat Jalpan (a sister branch of Kwality Restaurant), came as a big bang rescuer for the locals of Samastipur in 2006, what came into the limelight is the delectable taste of cuisines made by their head chef – Mr. Mohan Jha.

Mohan Jha – Bas Naam hi kaafi hai!

With a vast experience of 17-years, Mohan Jha currently leads the 8-member kitchen team of Bharat Jalpan. His passion and perfection for cooking can be calculated by the sheer madness that the customers possess for the cuisines prepared by him.

Bharat Jalpan 1

Mohan Jha holds expertise in making North-Indian cuisines, specifically, non-vegetarian dishes. His cuisines are a pure culinary delight. This head chef explores one ingredient at a time in his cuisines. It would not be wrong to say that Mr. Jha’s cuisines are a celebration of ingredients together when presented on a plate. The contemporary kitchen of the restaurant runs according to the directions in which Mr. Jha plays the lead role.

Bharat Jalpan

Bharat Jalpan’s pride too

Yes, it can be said that the restaurant is popular in the town by the name of Mr. Mohan Jha. Even, the corporate clients to which the restaurant serves are also big fans of Mr. Jha’s cuisines. Renowned by its chef’s name, Mohan Jha is not only a pride of the restaurant but also the pride of Samastipur town.

Bharat Jalpan’s association with RailYatri gives a chance to our train travellers to enjoy meals prepared out of much love and passion by Mr. Mohan Jha.

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