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Ganpati Mandals

Oldest Ganpati mandals of Mumbai

There are hundreds of Ganpati mandals organized in Mumbai, but the oldest of these still tell a history of their own.

Bollywood fans

View your silver screen stars in Mumbai

Many die-hard fans visit the great city of Mumbai with the sole intent of viewing their favorite actors in real life.

26/11 Mumbai attacks

26/11 Mumbai Attacks: Their lives changed for once and all

Being one of the busiest hubs of India, the CST was a prime target for the terrorists, who entered the station and started firing...

Guest Bloggers

COME LET US INTRODUCE YOU TO SOME OF OUR EXPERT GUEST BLOGGERS… Aakash Karnani Aakash is a ferroequinologist, born and brought up in...

Mumbai Metro Anniversary

MM1: Helping Mumbai beat Traffic Queues

RailYatri report on the Performance of Mumbai Metro in the last two years By Aakash Karnani As Mumbai Metro, better known as MM1 or Mumbai...

Deccan Queen Express

Queen of Deccan turns 86

By Aakash Karnani First started as a weekend service in 1930, now a daily service, country’s first super-fast train, the legendary Deccan...

restaurants in Mumbai

5 Heritage Eateries of Mumbai

By Aakash Karnani Mumbaikars love their food, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. From street foods like Vadapav and Pav Bhaji to fine...