Cool summer hacks for your train travel!


It’s finally here, the SUMMER that we both hate and love. For, while the temperature is soaring, we also cannot resist the temptation of travelling to places where we can leave the hot and humid weather behind us. Also with long school and college breaks, summer becomes the ideal time to go on long holidays.

The best way to make the most of this season is by being well prepared, more so during long distance travel. And guess what? RailYatri also has some super cool products to help you beat the heat. Check out our Travel Store now.


So, get set for cool-cool journeys-

Hydrate it up!

Summer Hacks: Hydrate it up

Fluids in any form are the major saviour while travelling in the scorching heat. Keep bottled water with you or you can also fill up your empty bottles from water purifier booths at railway stations. Slurp natural drinks such as coconut water, glucose or nimbu paani at regular intervals.

Frozen Delights

Summer Hacks: Frozen Delights

Using half-frozen water bottles can be a good idea. You can also freeze mint flavoured water and sip it cold for a longer duration.

What’s in our Travel Store:
Gel Freezer Sipper: Buy these handy acrylic sippers and place them in your freezer for about 2-4 hours before your journey. Not only, does the liquid freezes but the freezer gel of the bottle freezes too, thus offering you a unique way to keep your beverages(water, juices, etc) icy cold even on long journeys.


Snack on plenty of cool treats

Summer hacks: Cool Treats

Instead of going for some solid and oily food, eating fruits such as watermelons, litchis, salads, and cucumber will surely keep you cool.

Let your skin breathe too, with STYLE

Summer hacks: Loose Clothing

Opt for loose clothing (linen and cotton) and open-end foot wears. And guess what, they will go well with your summer fashion along with the scarf, hat, and sunglasses!

Go for flexible train choices

Summer hacks: Flexible train choices

You can select trains with the shortest journey time to minimize your travelling hours in the summer heat, or maybe take the night train to avoid hot day-travel.

RailYatri Tip –  You can now also book train tickets from RailYatri’s assisted train ticket booking service. And believe me, you will board the most suitable train.


Give window seat a miss

Summer Hacks: Window Seat

Well, this is probably the most common wish for all of us travelling by train. But getting a window seat in train during summers might become a suffering too as hot winds blow during the day. Best would be plonk yourself on the top berth and sleep it off or listen to soothing music on your phone.

Keep handy the hand fans

Summer Hacks: Use Hand Fans

While some of our travellers might travel in AC coaches, many of us travel in general class. So keep handy those classic and stylish hand fans, at least some air of relief.

What’s in our Travel Store?
Wayfarers: These sunglasses comes with UV-protected lenses, which protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. And they are totally in fashion too. So style plus comfort, both in your pocket!


Umbrellas: Heading for a holiday in summer and forgot to buy umbrellas? Worry Not! We have a stylish range of umbrellas which will protect you from the scorching sun, wind or rain.


Getty-wetty at your pulse points

Summer Hacks: Pulse Points

When you hang a damp towel in your train window, the water that evaporates will cool down the incoming breeze. You can also keep water-soaked towels on your neck, ankles, wrists, inside elbows or behind the knees for instant relief.

What’s in our Travel Store
Sweat Pads: For those who sweat excessively due to heat, this could be your ultimate source of relief.


Wet Wipes: It’s time to calm your sun-stressed skin even while you travel, anywhere, everywhere!


Breathe easy

Summer Hacks: Breathe Easy

This is quite strange yet a cool way to keep off your summer blues. Deep breathing exercise lowers body heat while rolling your tongue back in your mouth when exhaling through nose also helps in fighting the heat. Such hacks keep you just so naturally COOL!

Armed with these super easy hacks, beat the summer heat and keep travelling!

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