Some Suvidha Train rules you need to know

Suvidha Train rules

India is a land of festivals, and there are specific seasons when lakhs for people are travelling on the same route. Whether it is due to religious festivals or vacation season, Indian railways have a hard time accommodating all who want to travel during the rush seasons. While there are many who plan out their travels well in advance, there are others who leave it to the last moment. To make train travels easy for the last moment planners or ones who want to travel in the rush period, Indian Railways have come up with their new variation of special trains named the Suvidha trains. While these trains are meant to make journeys easy, their hidden rules often create troubles for the passengers. So, before you plan a trip on Suvidha trains do read through some of the below mentioned rules.

Booking Period

Suvidha Trains booking

Indian railways launched the Suvidha trains keeping in mind the last minute travel planners. These trains were also meant to be a happy relief for passengers without any confirmed tickets during the seasonal rushes. This is why tickets for the Suvidha trains can be booked maximum of 30 days ahead and a minimum of 10 days ahead.

NOTE: Generally, only confirmed and RAC tickets are booked for such trains.

Booking Venues

Tickets for the Suvidha trains, unlike Premium trains, can be booked physically from the railway station counters. However, online ticket booking remains the most convenient way to book such tickets.

NOTE: Cluster or group bookings are not available for Suvidha trains. Duplication or modification of tickets cannot be done after the booking is complete.

Train varieties

There are primarily three types of Suvidha trains. The first category is comprised of fully AC trains with minimum stops, on the model of Rajdhani trains. Second category belongs to Suvidha trains that have a mixture of AC and non-AC coaches with minimum stops, modeled on the Duronto trains. And the third category is trains that have intermittent stops and are comprised of AC and non-AC coaches just like the express trains. The ticket fares vary; depending upon the type of Suvidha train opted for.

NOTE: No matter which type of Suvidha train one wishes to travel, there will be no First AC, First Class or Executive Class

Ticket Fares

Suvidha Train fares

The ticket fares for Suvidha trains are associated with the Tatkal fares for the particular class. . Dynamic pricing policy is also implemented in such bookings with the fares increasing with every 20% of berths sold. But the maximum fare cannot exceed three times of the Tatkal fare. If tickets remain unsold for a particular Suvidha train, it would be passed onto the physical booking counters. The unsold tickets can be procured by paying the equivalent sum to the highest ticket rate for that class and day.

NOTE: Modelled on the lines of Rajdhani and Duronto, Suvidha trains offer the same services.

Concession Norms

Suvidha trains do not allow any concessions for passengers. There are no special concessions for the women, children or senior citizens. Free passes, complimentary passes or concessional vouchers are not allowed on these trains. Every passenger seeking to book a ticket has to pay the full fare, as applicable.

NOTE: Only General Quota bookings will be available on these trains as there are no special categories in these trains.

Identity Cards are essential

Suvidha train journey

Before you board a Suvidha train, make sure you are carrying identity proof. Photo identity proof is compulsory for all passengers and would be verified during the course of journey. If any passenger is found without a valid identity proof, he/she may be asked to de-board the train.

NOTE: One identity proof for multiple bookings is not valid in this type of train.

Cancellation Norms

If you wish to cancel tickets for Suvidha trains it should be done minimum 6 hours before the scheduled departure time of the train or before the chart is prepared, whichever happens earlier. On cancelling the ticket, flat 50% of the booking amount would be refunded. The refund amount for e-tickets would be directly credited to the bank or credit card account, once the ticket has been successfully cancelled.

NOTE: Cancellation charges are Rs. 200 for AC II Tier; Rs. 180 for AC III Tier/3 Economy/air conditioned chair car, Rs. 120 for sleeper class.


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  1. Railway is only fit for looting passengers in whatever means the deem good..there is no proper safety measures as accidents are happening and blame games continues,, passengers are the biggest losers and fools,,Apart from only one railway minister ( who is not that educated) all the so called qualified railway ministers are making railways a loss generating network so that they could always loot the hapless passengers..

  2. The above comments are really in bad taste and far from the truth. Our railway fares are among the lowest in the world. While improvement is certainly needed, one should be balanced in one’s view.

    • This is so rubbish to compare with others. Man! They have so many facilities to make the journey smooth n comfort. While Indian railway is all about looting in the name up gradation. Being a wise and honest citizen of this country we should always ask the govt for our rights rather than supporting their bigotry. ?

  3. It is true that their are many negative points in Indian Railways. But it is two way problem. Do we use the railway properly with responsibility ? Do we follow the rules ourselves ? Keeping railway clean is Our responsibility. How many of us officially complain to authorities to improve the services. So let us try to improve oneself & also Our Railway.

  4. My e ticket from gkp to jat in 12597 but I have my reservation from boarding station Moradabad in s8 compartment . Can I travel on that e ticket from Gorakhpur.

  5. This article does not point out exact Suvidha trains. Only defining them is inadequate. Names, numbers or destinations have to be defined. Names of such trains should be quoted.

  6. We have most urgency go Hometown we was waiting to book seat on seasonal special train like Suvidha Express for book date 20.04.2018 today date is 21.03.2018 yesterday i gone to ticket window counter to book this train tickets, But they said today opening is not started
    And i was kept checking Irctc for book seats immediate yesterday night after 00.20 AM there shown Available seats 546# But No option for book ticket i kept checking several times there is no option i through booking may start at morning i checked through online for book ticket
    they shown booking is closed Regret/GNWL/55

    I want to ask what bullshit is this? I think Government started this train for rich and special personal no Availability for middle class person you people makes fool

    Without booking started how booking get closed and your customer care executive says there is no offline option for this train then how booking get closed without booking open in your IRCTC systems

    Government is making fool to innocent people. if someone has emergency what they will do?
    this is only money making and fool making job.
    Totally disappear very disappointing

  7. Can anyone confirm if RAC ticket of Suvidha express can be cancelled? And how much charge to it in case of sleeper.


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