Shettihalli Church: Rising from the waters

Submerged Shettihali Church

By Akanksha Mehrotra

Rosary Church in Hasan is a lesser known destination but a must visit for people interested in exploring the ruins of historic importance. This church is situated at a picturesque location, about 22 kilometers from Shettihalli in Hassan. Located on the banks of Hemavathi river, the church is an excellent location for travel enthusiasts, photographers and tourists. The uniqueness of the church lies in the unbelievable fact that the entire church structure gets submerged in the river during monsoons.

History of Rosary church

Shettihali Church

The Shettihalli church was constructed in 1860 by French missionaries. This Gothic styled church was built on the scenic banks of Hemavathi river in Hassan and served as a religious worship center for the wealthy British estate owners. It is believed that years ago a village existed in the vicinity of the church. Later, the government decided to build Gorur dam and the Hemavathi reservoir for better utilization of the flowing river. The construction of this dam in 1960s led to flooding of the Hemavathi reservoir. The church and its surrounding areas were evacuated and later abandoned due to consistent flooding. Ever since, this church gets submerged in water every monsoon, only a portion of it is visible making it a rare spectacle.

Interesting facts about Shettihalli Church

Shettihali Church Interior

  • It is said that along with mortar and bricks, a mixture of jaggery and eggs were used to build the Rosary Church.
  • During monsoons, the entire church is submerged in water and once the water recedes, the church can be seen in its full glory.
  • Areas around the church have become shooting locations for regional movies and serials.
  • Although regular flooding for over 25 years has ruined the church but the structure still stands tall.
  • It is a photographer’s paradise as the blue skies reflects through Hemavathi Reservoir with this ancient church in the backdrop.
  • A paradise for bird spotting and nature lovers.

Camping & Accomodation

Submerged Church Hasan

Nature lovers, who want to camp close to this scenic destination, can stay by the river side. The Rappa Island resort is also a good accommodation option close by.

Best time to visit

Any time of the year is a good time to visit this unique church. Post monsoons, when the water recedes, the entire church structure can be seen. However, the submerged church (during the monsoons) has an altogether different charm to it.

Nearby attractions

Belur & Halebid

Belur & Halebid: Historic towns of Karnataka which are famous for their temples and architecture.

Shravanabelagola statue

Shravanabelagola: There is a statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali at Shravanabelagola. This town is also considered one of the most important pilgrimage destinations for Jain faith followers.

How to Reach?

  • Location: Shettihalli is 205 km from Bengaluru, 22 km from Hassan and around 123 km from Mysore.
  • By Rail: Trains frequent from Yesvantpur railway station to Shettihalli on a daily basis.



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